Monday, January 14, 2008

Sri Paandi @ Brickfields

I left solitude by himself at Chinoz.

We left The Gardens.
We suddenly craved for pork.
We headed towards Lucky Garden.
We knew not this place.
We couldn't even find a parking space.
We didn't know where we were.
We kept on driving.
We stopped, somehow, at Brickfields...
We couldn't stop the only pork noodle stall from closing.
We resorted to Banana Leaf Rice instead.

We loved the colours.
We missed the aroma.
We enjoyed the music.
We washed our hands.

We were hungry.
We asked them to pour the rice like yesterday's rain.
We drenched our gluttony with fish and dhal curry.
We were happy they served beetroot.
We were delighted with the crispy roasted chilies.
We loved the refreshing thairu and cucumber/onion salad.
We enjoyed the chips, papaddum and colourful crackers.
We thought the coconut chutney was dense and rich.
We thought it went well with the spiced, tender fishcake.
We licked every bit of that sexy, red, tangy, zesty lime achar.

We knew we needed more.
We knew it's meat we were looking for.

We liked the dry chicken curry.
We liked the tender chicken bits.
We were drunken by the curry leaves' scent.
We were burnt by the fiery, aromatic reduction.

We couldn't tear ourselves from the mutton.
We couldn't resist the rich, spicy reduction.
We needed more rice.
We couldn't praise the chewy mutton though.

We gained weight.
We lost fluid, sweated a bucket.

We had a lassi, a soft drink and tonnes of water.
We thought it was cheap (RM22.20).
We meant 2 pax.

We were teased by the crabs and squids.
We will return to try other dishes.
We will bring friends.
We, that's you and me.

Sri Paandi Restaurant
254, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2274 0464


ling239 said...

the dry chicken!! must be tasty ~ ^_^

Jason said...

Nice poem :P

Xiu Long Bao said...

I came across ur blog.
I read ur food reviews.
I drooled at the food pix.
I got tempted to eat.
I screwed my diet plan.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

I couldnt stop the pork noodle stall from closing either,
Though i know where they open,
Your crazy long poem abt banana leaf rice,
Is leaving me full of regrets,
As i dig into my green salad..


Precious Pea said... drown with 'we' and not the banana leaf rice. HAHA!

JOjo said...

I'm drowned in a sea of We too~

Dried rendang i know but not the dry curry.
Must go and try but no hurry.
RM22.20 is a little money,
but when will i go KL, must ask my mummy =)

wmw said...

See that you're putting your writing set to good use! :o)

sc said... got everyone (well, nearly) replying in poems! so cute..hehe..lovely way of presenting sri paandi by the way..

~Christine~Leng said...

We, we, we... ;) lol

We just had banana leaf rice that day,
We thought it was good,
We loved it,
We plan to try Sri Paandi real soon,
We love what you wrote!

Big Boys Oven said...

we were eating
we were there
we love it
we licked our finger good!
we laughed
we were not disappointed!

Michelle said...

nice blog u have..
great pix to drool at..
will definitely be back for more..

Nic (KHKL) said...

ling239: yupe, i thought the chicken was heavily spiced. very appetising. nice! but very very hot. to me, at least..hehehe...i think they put in lots of black pepper...

jason: thanks, thanks. dunno whether to call it poem or not. more like a shiok sendiri karangan..haha...but had fun writing it! :> hope u like it!

xiu long bao:
screw the diet plan
just eat all you can
when the time is right
fats'll be out of sight

hocus pocus, fats all berambus...hehe

green salad for lunch?
though gives a crunch
and lots to munch
i cant see the punch...hehe...

unless salad with smoked chicken and a nice balsamic dressing..hehe

precious pea: haha! sorry time will try to use "us" instead..hehe...can't help it. must apologise to sri paandi too for the rather mischievious post. :>

no need come to kl already
heard singapore's samy curry?
don't know the price but is hippy
on dempsey hill, it's very classy

passed by but never try before..hehe

wmw: definitely! i love that blue marine colour! am using the mermaid notepad even for my tutorials :) the only thing left untouched was the sharpener :)

sc: thanks thanks. it was a rather spontaneous idea. just wanted to create some contrast to the previous post. in other words, lazy to compose proper sentences..hehe..glad you liked it!

i am humbled by your compliment
i am glad you liked it
i enjoyed writing it
i can read it again and again.
i like sri paandi
i hope you do too :>

btw, which one did you go to? :>

big boys oven:
i am sure you had a blast
i am happy you laughed
i love eating with my hands
i love the smell of the spices
i wished i could join you... :>

guess it's now banana leaf rice craze, huh? haha!

michelle: thanks for stopping by! and for the compliments too! hope you enjoyed reading the can get rather "gila" and "shiok sendiri" at times...hehe..enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool :$

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha it was salad with some nice cut of ham and smoked salmon..dressed in a mustard mayo dressing..hows that?

Celine said...

OOoooo...banana leaf food blog in poem style...

Bernsy said...

whoa... a poem about sri paandi... lol... great work dude.

for someone based in Sg, u sure have a lot of posts about KL food... keep up the good work , Nic...

wenching & esiong said...

Good one. Always enjoy reading your blog. The mutton looks good. Don't know where this place is but I really wanna try it out!

teckiee said...

...we only can imagine the taste ( one with me now, so its just me and my imaginary friend)

ai wei said...

this is really nice! i like ur poem.
wish i could have a banana leaf rice!

Christine, shall we?!

Hazza said...

I love curry, especially dry ones! Were the chicken and mutton grilled or stewed? Isnt this restaurant a branch of a few famous Sri Panndi's around, one being in Jalan Bukit, near my old school, Alam Shah?

Nic (KHKL) said...

bernardo: thanks for the compliment! you have a very beautiful blog too! your pics have a very calming effect on me :)

joe: i knew it! you being the connoisseur will not succumb to those plain garden greens. ham+smoked salmon! that proves my point :) mustard mayo dressing pulak tu! haha!

celine: haha! it was a rather spontaneous reaction via my sometimes disconnected grey matter....will try to create one on nasi kandar when i visit penang! can't wait!!! :)

bernsy: thanks for the compliment, dude! really enjoyed writing it. especially when the food is good as well.

yeah, i do write a lot about kl food cos i come back quite often. that reminds quite some backlog on singapore food as well..hehe

wenching & esiong: thanks for the compliment! i'm glad you enjoy reading my blog. hope i dont bore you with some shiok sendiri language...haha! this place is near bangsar. i can bring you there, but on weekend la..hehe

teckiee: imagination work wonders, huh? well, if you want to know the taste, we (you+your imaginary friend+me+other floggers) can make another trip down there...this time, i'll bring a towel to wipe the sweat! what's your imaginary friend's name, btw? haha!

ai wei: thanks for the compliment. glad you liked it! huh, just you and christine? how about me?? and WE? i'm confused...

hazza: hey, thanks for stopping by, dude! both the meat were stewed. couldn't really tell from the pics cos they were really very much reduced. I'm not sure if it's a branch of the famous flagship stall though. as i know, there are a few similar restaurants bearing the same (almost) name.

JOjo said...

Woah, i don't know where is dempsey woad seriously...
Any enlightenment? *hint hint*
OK la, i'll go streetdirectory check lo =p

Jun said...

whoa! quite the poet u are! nice one~ *clap clap*

JesieBlogJourney said...

Banana leaf rice! I have to buy frozen banana leaves to grill my fish when they are so plentiful and used as disposables back home.

Need to to go Brickfields and try the food when I get back. Drooling now!

Nic (KHKL) said...

jojo: it's in tanglin village...near the dempsey hill cluster. here's the website to dempsey hill. hope it helps :)

jun: thanks, thanks! i get inspired sometimes. most of the time, it's shiok sendiri..haha! glad u liked it :)

jesie: thanks for stopping by! yeah, banana leaves are aplenty here. heck, even roti canai is served on a banana leave in some restaurants...haha! yeah, brickfields is a good choice for good Indian food!

ai wei said...

hmmm, i was talking to Christine but that would be merrier if 'WE' all plan a day and have it together? ^^

Nic (KHKL) said...

ai wei: sure, sure! it'll be fun! if you guys have a fixed date in mind, do drop me an email :) we'll work it out from there!

just anotheR said...

Gosh, I love your poetic sense,
A random touch it lends
Over here a gastronomical lyric,
And there a whimsical limerick
It gives me such trippy feelings,
O', such skilled writings!

Greetings fellow epicure,
For good reasons, t'is (post) a lure!