Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Billy Bombers @ Jurong Point

I definitely frequent the (Singapore) library more than the gym. A bookworm I’m not and I don’t really read much, except for the compulsory annual few from my favourite authors. What makes me go gaga over this place is its much updated collection of travel guides. Definitely a place to satisfy one’s wanderlust.

Back at the gym, you’ll see me on the treadmill for 20 minutes and burning about 200 calories each time. Yes, a wholesome 200 calories followed by some iron pumping. Do no expect a beefy piece of meat here as the writer frequents the gym perhaps 8 times a year, at most. And that’s only when he’s really, really bored.

For me, a good game of badminton is always a better option. And on that note, congratulations to the Malaysian badminton team for grabbing three titles at the World Super Series Championship at Likas last weekend. Despite the missing Chinese players, our guys and girls did show a class above the rest in this tournament. Well done!

But badminton does not burn as much fat as on the treadmill, definitely. And that calls for a rather insignificant reason to binge after the workout.

So, the convenient truth reason to indulge after a workout at the gym is always, I BURNT BLARDY 200 CALORIES TODAY.

On one such 200-calories-lesser day, I checked out Billy Bombers, attracted by the credit card promotion and the big portions displayed.

Almost on every table are their infamous Buffalo Wings (S$13.90) where the deep-fried wings were apparently marinated with cayenne pepper and vinegar. Served with either the hot or the tangy sauce (we chose the former), the redness did look rather appetizing, complete with bits of chopped garlic. The wings were rather ordinary if you ask me, but pair it with the hot sauce, and you’ll get yourself an ang moh (mat salleh) version of sweet and sour pork or chicken, in this case. A cross between Madagascar and The Love Guru (hated Justin Timberlake’s acting though), it was pretty cutely yummy.

Billy's famous ribs (S$19.90 for 1/2 slab) with fries sounds like a more macho deal. The meat was flaky and tender while the sauce was dense and slightly sweet. Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones it was not but will pass as Jim Carrey’s more defining characters like in The Truman Show or Liar Liar, for example. No joke, the ribs were entertaining and quite impressive.

I would not have ordered the Sirloin Steak (S$20.90) had I been offered a discount on the wings with just ONE order of the mains. Well, turned out that the pepper sauce dressed sirloin was rather delicious at medium. But it was the creamed spinach that made my day. Slightly rich, the cream blended well with the soft (not soggy), chopped spinach. Afterall, one still needs some fibre after a heavy meal.

Did I say heavy? Ah, who cares. I BURNT BLARDY 200 CALORIES TODAY.

Billy Bombers
1 Jurong West Central 2
#02-24 Jurong Point
Tel: 67957690
Website: http://www.billybombers.com/


After much contemplation, I feel that it’s best for me to visit the gym more often from now onwards. Not because I lost my traveling mojo but because the Johor-Singapore Causeway is already rather impossible to walk across. For the last 5 years, come rain or shine, I would walk across the causeway to catch my bus back to KL from Johor. Not unlike for the hundreds of thousands of other Malaysians, this is the fastest way to get home from Singapore, without having to wait endlessly for the bus to transport us to the Johor Bahru Immigration Office. The one kilometer walk has been a good workout and ensures a good sleep on the way back home, I’ve always consoled myself.

With the new Southern Integrated Gateway, or more specifically the Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex at Johor Bahru to replace the existing checkpoint, the distance between the two countries’ immigration complexes has doubled and quite impossible to reach on foot. Going through the facts on the building of this new gateway, I can’t help but wonder if this is for the best. On the positive side, it is definitely bigger (like all things Malaysian) and has integrated a few government administrations. It has also expanded the checkpoints which hopefully clears the usual traffic congestion.

On the other hand, walking across the causeway to avoid the long queues at the bus stops is now rather impossible and everyone will have to rely on the numbered public buses to transport them to the other side of the causeway. Detailing is very much needed to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of this new gateway, not just car or motorcycle users. Queuing up for an hour and being pushed around at the complexes, especially during peak hours are no fun, I can assure you. Perhaps more allocation of shuttle buses? And there are already complaints of loss of businesses due to the closure of the old immigration office.

It is still quite early to say if this project is a success or not. But in the meantime, people like me will have to adjust to the new situation. All we ask for is a more efficient system for all, especially the public transport users. Some comfort will be nice too.

Did I just burn another 200 calories simply by writing this post? Hehehe...


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahha i think playing badminton can burn more than 200 calories la..unless u dun move..

the steak looks good..enuf iron to replace all that iron u pumped in gym hor..

Selba said...

If writing a post can burn 200 calories, I think I would write at least 10 post everyday! LOL

CUMI & CIKI said...

hmmm lemme see...

dinner +1000kcals
gym -200 kcals
walking to your pc to blog-100kcals
thinking about wot to blog -100kcals
blogging till wee hours -500kcals
answering blog comments -100kcals

oh look! your meal is completely zero-rized! you can start again tomorrow ...!

thenomadGourmand said...

well..all that standing, waiting and being pushed about during peak hours would definitely burn some calories!

ling239 said...

200 calories ?!! o.O

Nic ah Nic, like that hor, u eat one bite of the steak can d, the rest i help u finish lar hahahaaaa....^_^

Jason said...

That means the cycle will not stop!

Live2Talk said...

buffalo wings = 574 cal
ribs = 790 cal
steak = 786 cal
fries = 539 cal
spinach = 41 cal

walking = burned 175 cal/hour
badminton = burned 315 cal/hour
typing = burned 105 cal/hour

reading my comments = 0 cal & 0 burning

Big Boys Oven said...

WoW this buffalo wings looks so beautiful and delicious compared to the ones at "Lau Par Sar", I am sure yu and XLB agreed with me! lol!

Merry Christmas dude! and have a joyly New Year!

.... Sidney & Sunny x

backStreetGluttons said...

it is illegal for food bloggers to go to the gym, isn't it ?

and illicit for gym semi amateur pros to talk about food right ?

but walking on a straight bridge is better then treadmilling the gym and creates such a wonderful gushing jogging appetite to eat all those things you have been eating so heartily and then yes , taking close ups of food will burn more than 200 calories of fuel per image , especially if you are holding the magnificent Nikon d40x

Xiu Long Bao said...

I've came to term with the dilemma of whether I should walk across the crazy causeway on fri nite and fight through the crazy crowd @ woodlands checkpoint because of time and cost factor.

Time = I'll be sleeping in the bus (departing from SG) anyway, who cares if it takes 1 more hour than bus departing from johor to reach KL?

Cost = You are earning SGD man. Sikit more money for the price of comfort won't hurt.

BUT i thought it is not a bad idea for you to continue doing this. Why not if walking across the causeway can burn you another 300 cal.

Guess you'll have to endure with this till the airfare promotion is on again.

mimid3vils said...

Argghhhh.... I hate think about calories!!!!

PS: Malaysia public transports are hopeless =.=''

Tummythoz said...

Lol at cumi&ciki's comment.
Maybe u shd take XLB's advice or just prepare to burn more calories (& patience)at the causeway.

Simon Seow said...

Exercise is good for you but for me I non-frequent traveler rather take Aeroline.

J2Kfm said...

aiya, just take the bus from Spore to KL loh ... so many.

skimp on meals, save for travel.
then spend on Msian food instead. beats the ones over the Causeway, anyday. =P

Nic (KHKL) said...

joe, hehe...ya lar, i am quite the lazy one at badminton games. always just waiting to smash and let the partner do all the running..hehehe...steak was ok and the portion was huge! haha!

selba, LOL!!! actually that's true! if only blogging can burn lotsa calories, i think i can skip gym all the way already! ;)

cumi & ciki, that's the spirit! ;) oh, you forgot another equation:
hokkien mee with zhu yau char + sweat (from the heat) = priceless...hehehehehe....

thenomadgourmand, very true! ;) well, was at the checkpoint on tues and it was better. hope it'll keep on improving! ;)

ling239, hehehehehehe....can, can! but i must take half of the ribs, ok? deal! ohhh, liddat i can order dessert already! hehehehe...

jason, the vicious cycle of life hor? culinary karma.....hehehehe...liddat i must eat more vege already! ;)

live2talk, hehe, i think the spinach with cream is quite high in calories also...but nvm lah. not always..heheh...and reading comments is an healthy activiy, no doubt! ;)

Nic (KHKL) said...

bigboysoven, AGREE! hehe...have a merry christmas and a very happy new year guys!!! ;)

backstreetgluttons, perhaps the badminton is the licence to kill the illegal food bloggers from going to the gym and to keep the caloriholics satisfied. but the licence must come with a carbonex 1234 that costs more that steak these days..sighh...
and the straight bridge has now been bent to a questionable sign that perhaps will need more than 200 calories to figure out but improves i saw was ok and that will need to me frequent the gym more. hail to the magnificent nikon d40x!!! ;)

xiu long bao, i'm glad you made the decision to travel from singapore instead. but then again, tuesday's traffic was ok leh. woah, i earn S$, i spend S$ oso leh...hmmm...and even airfare promo oso i cannot afford la. unlike some ppl....hehehehhe....

mimi, yay! you can join me in the I-HATE-CALORIES club! ;) the welcoming dish is hokkien mee!!! ;) hmm, u gave me an idea! i must try to take the bus one day in KL and blog about it! ;)

tummythoz, OH TIDAK!!!!!! haha...well, last tuesday experience at the causeway has shown that it was not so bad afterall. well, then again, fridays are usually worse and we shall see how lar. ;)

simon, aiyoh, aeroline takai lah...hehhe...i take from pudu onli RM45 on weekends...but for non-frequent traveller like you, aeroline is definitely a good choice. ;)

j2kfm, hehehe, very expensive leh. double the price, me thinks. skimp on meals? woah, very excruciating just thinking about it! hehehe...then again, seeing the economic downturn, perhaps that's the way to go now...

ice said...

Merry Christmas nic!

mimid3vils said...

I scare u don't know which bus to take to ur destination :P

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I do sympathise with you. Funny, when you think about it, that the additional km makes you think of so many other things. Changes and consequences. :-(

Life for Beginners said...

Haiyo, you poor guy... I so get what you have to go through with the Singapore-JB customs bit. Did that last weekend when I was down here. This weekend I'm staying put in JB and not heading down to S'pore unless I absolutely have to, haha...

Nic (KHKL) said...

ice, merry christmas and a happy new year to you too! ;)

mimi, i think the selangor omnibus also goes to town. worse case, i have to take the train lar..hehhehe

lyrical lemongrass, yeah, actually you have a very good point. it takes a little something (well, in this case, a very long km) to realise the significance of it. and hopefully, we can all learn a something from it. ;)

kenny, OMG! the jam is going to be crazy if you intend to go into sg...everyone's there for the xmas and new year celebration! yeah, jb is a much better alternative for now! ;)

Keropok Man said...

even if you want to walk across the causeway, i think it's now considered illegal right?

ey, to loose more calories, what if you chew your food more times? each mouth chew it 25 times, and multiplied with the mouths you eat, hey, can loose calories leh...

hmmm want to loose more calories, order more food. got more times to chew. LOL....