Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fullwealth Seafood Restaurant

Considering the stiff competition from AsiaAir, I thought MAS has ventured into the food and beverage industry. And it would not come as a surprise because I see tour buses packing the front of Fullwealth on a regular basis. I wished it was true. Hey, we need some creativity in order to survive in this tough business (and every other business too), ok?

Now why on earth would we want to eat in a tourist spot, you ask.

Simply because it is a good restaurant. A long standing one at that. Those who had stayed long enough in Kepong will recognise Fullwealth as one of the hot favourites for weddings and birthdays since the eighties. The last time I was here was when my cousin got married in the early nineties. Her children are now in college, I think.

A little too late (this post) but happiness runs all year round and it should be shared. Another yu sang before the next Chinese New Year. Not extraordinary but for a taste of what yu sang has been like for the past 20 years, this is a good choice. That translates into a no-frills toss of dense sweet/sour plum sauce, crackers, assorted colourful vegetables and carp. Salmon came into the scene much later, I believe.

Here’s wishing everyone a stable year ahead.

It was towards the end of the Chinese New Year celebration and they were still eager to boost their specials. You know, dried oysters, black moss, abalone and everything else that rhymes with all things auspicious (literally). We went for the usuals instead. One of them was the Red Wine Pork Ribs which did come with a taste of red wine. If you have been eating dai chow for a long time, you would have realised that all those Guinness/Marmite/red wine/teriyaki ribs taste alike. It’s due to the lack of those aforementioned ingredients and the overdose of caramelised sugar, which made the sauce tasting sweet and nothing else. So, this was quite good. Huge pieces of pork as well.

Ok, I could not resist putting up a sexier shot of the pork.

I am still wondering about the Deep-Fried Cod with Sautéed Onions. Cods are cool for its milky taste and when eaten with the slightly charred, crunchy sweet onions, good stuff. However, adding a sauce that came between Worcestershire and oyster was just too confusing. Ok, the others loved it. And I have been labelled as a purist, which is not true.

Oh-oh-oh, the chicken. The crispy, salty Roasted Chicken. Wonderfully aromatic and tenderly roasted, lip-smacking. Perhaps the chicken pieces were rather hugely cut, bite sizes would have been appreciated. Dip it into the condiment that made mostly of salt for a surge in blood pressure (euphoria, in other words).

A lunar birthday celebration is never complete without the order of longevity noodles. To be consumed at the length it was served, the noodle was well cooked. Fulllwealth’s version was soupy and came with plenty ingredients like pork. Those who like their noodles dry, oil, aromatic (hokkien mee!) will not like this version but if mild is wild for you, then this will be a good choice. Eat it with lots of pickled green chilies.

Surprise came in form of a cake from Miki Ojisan. Instead of the signature cheese, they went for buttercake. Simplistic and subtle, it was good. I should introduce them to the array of cakes from the incredible FatBoybakes.

At RM187 for 5 pax, it was definitely on the expensive side but then again, it was during the Chinese New Year period. We were lucky to be able to get the only few tables left that night, as the rest were fully booked.

Perhaps we should check out this place again, on a normal, clear sky day.

How about today?

Fullwealth Seafood Restaurant
No. 38/40, Jalan Ambong Kanan 2
Kepong Baru
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 62524966/62524977/62524988


thenomadGourmand said...

ahh? today? say laa earlier

Life for Beginners said...

Maybe we can get hold of the tourbus schedules and visit when the restaurant isn't jam-packed with famished tourists? :P

550ml jar of faith said...

Haha, so true what you said about dai chow ribs tasting alike - Guiness, marmite, house special etc. If they can get away with robing their waitresses with MAS uniform, I'm going to get my hands on one and incorporate into my work wardrobe!

ck lam said...

It was so sweet of you for inviting. Hope this lady from up north will get the chance to have a meal with you at this place one day...haha

Selba said...

Oh no... *checks the date* Am I too late? Is the invitation already expired? I want.. I want... I want to join! :D

fatboybakes said...

HEY, the food here looks awesome, including the questionable cod...which looks good wor. hahha, that MAS stewardess costume a bit OTT la hor.

babe_kl said...

Oppsie, i hvnt been back here for a few years oredi :p Kepong hv too many options now :p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

"And I have been labelled as a purist, which is not true."

*cough* *splutter*

Oooh, is that a birthday cake I see? Cute cacing-y look...I like. (Happy Birthday, sweetay)

mimid3vils said...

It's a few minutes walk from my house but I never visit them b4, haha XD

CUMI & CIKI said...
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CUMI & CIKI said...

on a normal clear sky day! perfect weather to eat fbb's cakes rite..?! lol... and btw, i was just humming the track la...

When I wake up in the morning
and the sun light hurts my eyes

And something without warning
bears heavy on my mind.
Then I look at you and the world's alright with me

Just one look at you and I know it's gonna be -

A lovely day ..!

hehe.. how romantic..

here's to sunny clear skies hairy! may your mouth be stuffed to overflowing and may the cake u eat be of the fbb kind!

Simon Seow said...

Ah the usual suspect for wedding dinner for those that live around Kepong.

Nic (KHKL) said...

thenomadGourmand, haha...there's always next time! good food is here to stay...yes! :)

kenny, ohhhh, i just found out that it's kinda fully booked as well on weekends. weekday nights are ok i guess...

550ml jar of faith, yeah, i realised the similarity when those dai chow bosses sorta exaggerated on their signature dishes. so, i paid more attention to those dishes..haha! woah, u want the MAS uniform? cool stuff. but i dont know if the uni is exactly the same as MAS'.

ck lam, that'll be cool. and it'll be good to meet you if i go to penang one day. the ckt and laksa's calling my name! ;)

selba, haha, let us know when u drop by kl and we go makan! ;) it'll be fun.

fatboybakes, aiyoh, dude, yr cakes are really awesome la. no need to blush. ;) yeah, the dishes here are pretty solid in terms of taste and portion. i think those are their selling points lah. as for the MAS costume, imagine if they really hire airstewardess hor. lagi fully booked. haha!

Nic (KHKL) said...

babe_kl, absolutely agree! there as soooo many new eateries around. the taman perindustrian area, manjalara, desa parkcity, etc etc. it's a sign of prosperity in this area. cool!

lyrical lemongrass, but i really am not a purist wor. i like cheese with rice and lap cheong. oh, and asam laksa with tuna. naturalist, maybe la. ;)

yupe, it was a birthday cake (a cacing-y one) and da sweetay says thanks! ;)

mimi, oh, u stay nearby? wow! i always thought u stay in desa jaya. this restaurant has been around for a very long time, hor?

cumi & ciki, oh yes! definitely. his cakes are actually good for any occasion. hmmm, am still thinking about the cream-based pie. ;)

woah, u humming that song? hey, we shudda sung that song last week, hor? nvm, who's bday coming up? hahaha!

thanks for the clear skies, dear! beats rainy days and mondays, anytime! oh, may all our mouths be stuffed with the excellent spencer, melted or not! ;)

simon, agree agree! that's why the place is congested with cars all the time! especially during dinner.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

did they really take ex air stewardess from MAS? or had the same tailor as MAS for their waitresses!?

backStreetGluttons said...

When the untrue purist bullsyestrikes at the fullwealth , there is bound to be some kind of wronchester sauces over spilled. but as long as the nikonian dx is steady it should be damn fine and good. for isn't the touches of the imperial kepong near jinjang walls always sinofyingly fullsome?

GFAD said...

Today ah? Caaannn... jom! :D

Is the writing on the cake done with golden syrup? Kinda fits, with all the cacings. Better than using red icing!

You've just given me an idea on how to decorate a chiffon cake - a cacing-y look!

I like the roast chicken if it's freshly roasted and juicy. Mostly, the only time I ever get to eat chicken like this is during wedding banquets and the chicken is always dryer than the sand here..

ling239 said...

hahahaaaaa... CNY long over d lar :p
very nice Red Wine Pork Ribs you had!! share share lar.... ^O^
u happen to know the chinese name of this place pls ?

fatboybakes said...

haha, laughing at GFAD's comment about chicken being dryer than the sand there....

Jason said...

Catchy costumes they have there. :)

Happy Belated Birthday!

teckiee said...

LOL... i tried the cod fish before.. i kind of like it ;p

J2Kfm said...

Fullwealth ... hahah .. they sure knows how to cash it in.

hope u wealthy, healthy and everything nice lah ...

geez, FBB's cakes gotta be good huh? felt like missing a lot.

Nic (KHKL) said...

joe, dunno leh, but looks similar hor? hahaha, maybe u r right la..they might have used the same tailor...

backstreetgluttons, the imperial kingdoms of kepong and neighbouring jinjang are absolutely sinofyingly fullsome and although quite far from the land of the everything under the sun, promises quite a few gems that will not be sold to the westerners like the bronzes but they always say come here and be amazed. and i am a follower.

GFAD, hahaha, u sure you can fly back in time or not? hey, we can come here too, the next time u come back!

i think those are jem lar, cos tasted fruity a bit...oh, the cacings were rather light and definitely better than red icing. i think i will scrap off the cacings if there were red..haha!

a cacing-g look? apa tu? hahahaha!

yeah, that's why i like the roasted chicken here cos it's smooth/moist/aromatic. usually, we get 2 of these criterias hor? yummy! ;)

ling239, hahaha, ya lor, now only i post about yu sang..haha! my njstar got problem but i will send u a picture of the address, ok? ;)

fatboybakes, ya lor, i was trying to imagine that just scary just thinking about it! haha!

jason, yeah, i think that was the thing that caught my attention the most...haha! and thanks for the wishes, dude! ;)

teckiee, u've been here before? cool! yeah, actually the cod fish is good (and huge). but the sauce a bit confusing leh..haha!

j2kfm, yeah, most chinese restaurants have this kinda name hor? wealth, gold, fortune etc etc...

awwwwww, thanks so much for your wishes, dude! hoping the same for you too, ya! ;)

u must-must-must try his cakes. my personal faves: moist choco cupcakes and 4 seasons spencer! ;)

Esther Chin said...

damn, i miss malaysian food so much. i wish i could celebrate CNY at back home :(