Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Komala's @ Peninsula Plaza

A few firsts for me that night; curries served in plastic cups, Indian vegetarian fastfood chain in Singapore and two cheerful Chinese staffs greeting me at the collection counter. How fun!

Komala. Komala. Komala. Komala. Komala.

I don’t recall repeating a name for the longest time. The last was when I chanted to Kula Shaker’s brilliant, psychedelic Govinda. Anyway, Komala’s the name of the babe restaurant that kept running in my mind ever since I saw their signboard as I exited the neighbouring Inle, a Burmese restaurant. Besides Komala, I knew I’ll be back again, to the Basement 1 level of Peninsula Plaza for the good selection of interesting food. There’s even a little charp farn (mixed rice) restaurant serving Burmese dishes.

At S$7.70 each, the South Indian and Briyani Poori sets were the most expensive items on the menu. Both include a Coke but the real thing here has got to be a cup of masala chai, right? I had it replaced, of course.

It was a wise choice to select two different sets as both came with distinctive dips and curries. With the South Indian set, I got my usual rasam, thairu, chutney and payasam as dessert. The Briyani Poori set came with chickpeas and dhal curries. A mix and match of the sauces with both the white and spiced rice was a complete meal by itself. A flavourful and complementary one at that, although the briyani could do better with a more generous dash of salt and spices. Pooris (yes, they came in twos!) were served hot and fragrant. Colourful, cooked vegetables lined the side of the South Indian set and I found the carrot/pumpkin stir-fry the most interesting as it was mostly sweet. Oh, there was even a cabbage salad which I almost mistaken for a coleslaw! That was good too.

Being fastfood means it is mass produced and that taste will be generic. But it’s another story when it’s generically good. Ahhh.....

Look at it this way; how many times have we been unhappy with the same favourite burgers from the same favourite fastfood chains? Almost never, right? Ok, let’s not get into the shrinkage issue lah.

Komala’s cool simply because the food is nice and comforting, especially the South Indian Set. With a menu that boosts a few staple snacks and pulaos, I think I might just be back here again soon.

Ok, right after I try the Burmese charp farn.

Komala's Restaurant
111 North Bridge Road
# B1-07C Peninsula Plaza,
Singapore 179098,
Telephone: (+65) 63335644.


J2Kfm said...

oh yeah ... wondering where Kula Shaker has gone to.

loved them Hush, Govinda and Tattva.
cool group.

ai wei said...

hmmm, u seems to like indian food a lot.

Selba said...

Food that I want to try....

Ah... why I'm so hungry right now?

Life for Beginners said...

"Being fastfood means it is mass produced and that taste will be generic. But it’s another story when it’s generically good."

Couldn't agree more. I was kinda doubtful when I saw the opening lines of your piece but by the end of it... It's like the way Kurt Cobain described alternative music... it's alternative to bad music out there, i.e. if it's good, it's good.

Same applies for food, no? Thank goodness for adventurous foodies who are real foodies in the best sense of the word who aren't food snobs or critics but real food afficianados and are always willing to try out new stuff anytime anywhere anyhow just to see if it's any... GOOD.


Life for Beginners said...

P.S. @ai wei's comment: Hahaha, total understatement considering this is HairyBerry we're talking about! :P

550ml jar of faith said...

Kula Shaker! Pretty sure they released something in recent years to tepid response! I had the biggest crush on that Crispian dude during the Govinda era.

CUMI & CIKI said...

time to pay u another visit soon! i want u 2bring me here hairy:P hehe

Shell (貝殼) said...

wow! lots of side dishes and many types of curry... i saw one dip looks like sago is what?

sc said...

ooo, poori..been ages since i had em. sinful stuff, but lovely to snack on, even without any curry/ condiments

jason said...

Er... and you had two sets? :p

thenomadGourmand said...

burmese chap fun??
I'm waiting for yr post! Hurry up! ;)

mimid3vils said...

So many dips? Quite complicated eh... :P

Foodies Queen said...

Indian fastfood...I want to try. ^.^

wmw said...

Looks good leh....also looks like you will have another visitor who will call on you in Singapore! hahaha

Nic (KHKL) said...

j2kfm, ooohh, u are a fan too? cool!!!!! i think they have a few albums after that. but not as good as K. :(

ai wei, yupe, i do! :D

selba, hahaha, i'm hungry too now. and it's just past midnight! haha!

kenny, kurt cobain rawks! and yes, you are right. we should give everything a try, at least once. food snobs..hehe, now that's the first time i hear of such a thing. we should bring out our food nazis! haha! i like how u emphasize GOOD bcos it's one optimistic word that we've all been neglecting thus far.

and aiyoh, where got understatement. i'm actually a simple man with simple needs la..hehehehe...

550ml jar of faith, did u know that the Crispian dude was a part of another band? his sound was kinda different then. can find it on youtube, i think.

cumi & ciki, come come! i'm sure you'll like this place. i'm already eyeing a few restaurants in that area already..hehe

Shell (貝殼), yupe, lotsa dips! that's one of the reasons why i like it! hehe...oh, the sago/custard cup is payasam, which is actually a dessert. :D

Nic (KHKL) said...

sc, yeah, poori is good with keema but like u, i can eat it on its's like Indian ham jin peng liddat hor? hehehe..

jason, no lar, i had one. xlb had the other one. but i think i ate 1.5 of the 2 sets..hehe

thenomadgourmand, havent eaten yet leh. i must find time and go give it a try d..hehe

mimi, not complicated la. once u familiarise yrself with the sides, u'll be able to identify which is which. :D

foodies queen, hey, thanks for dropping by! :D i think they have a few branches. do check it out! :D