Tuesday, July 14, 2009

正 宗 炭 烧 (Authentic Charcoal Roast)

Source of heat (or fire, as the Chinese would put it) aside, it is the skill that perfects a roast. One look at the result and I was amazed at how well the slices of pork belly looked. Every surface was equally cooked (one can tell from the consistent shade of burgundy on the pieces of meat) and burnt edges were minimal. Of course there are those who prefer the charred bits for crunch and aroma but in terms of skill, I guess it is technically more challenging to keep the char siew tender yet unburnt than to produce a melting soft texture with a carbonized exterior.

The lean cut.


When it comes to KL-style wanton mee, the emphasize has always been on the thick, sweet dark soy sauce which customarily defines a good bowl of gorn low meen. In my humble opinion, it is the lard oil that fuels the taste. Here, one can expect lots of it, complete with those crunchy fried bits. Great indulgence.

The stall cooks up an impressive array of dishes despite the rather limited space. There's also a magic pot that stores Teochew-style braise of innards and eggs. Though not the best that I've tried, the intestines, which came soft and flavourful, were good.

I should complement the condiment of coarsely chopped garlic and ginger as well. Served with coriander and a dash of sesame oil, it was really tasty.

Conveniently located along the main road and just next to a wet market, it's a favourite among the lunch crowd. With another famous siew yoke stall just some metres away, I don't see why I need to travel all the way to town for a good piece of meat on those carnivorous yet lazy days aka everyday.

A good find that's worth alerting fellow babitarians.

正 宗 炭 烧 (Authentic Charcoal Roast)
Taman Kok Doh Hawker Centre
Jalan 17/42
Taman Kok Doh, Segambut
51200 Kuala Lumpur


Selba said...

Yay! Roasted stuff! Love it! Eh... does it mean I'm a babitarian? Hehehe....

qwazymonkey said...

O wise leader of the babitarians, this is too much to handle for the morning. Now i'm freaking craving for a nice plate of charsiu and wanton mee and it's not even lunch yet.

CUMI & CIKI said...

wa.. looks damn shiok! i also had a wantan mee post.. too bad the food not as good as urs but of kors la.. segambut u know.. dont play play :p Quality is quality.. no hiding that!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ohhh my god..another hr to go..

where to find bork bork??

ai wei said...

i m hungryyyyy... but it's not lunch time yet.


hungry hungry hungry hungry...

fatboybakes said...

oh myyyy, oh myyy....salivating...got intestines some more.

550ml jar of faith said...

I do like the charred ends of the roast though so not sure if this is exactly up my alley... the noodle concoction on the other hand is where it's at! Lard, not soy, lard, not soy! Sing it!

babe_kl said...

phewwww lucky i had my babi fix just now :p

i went to one wantan mee stall at night here, corner one i think. i wonder if its the same stall :p

thenomadGourmand said...

fellow babitarians alerted.
Now segambut got this mee jawa blogged abt by babe_kl too. time for a segambut food crawl!

gfad said...

Mmmmm.. can we order plain kon lou wanton mee with intestines instd of usual char siu wanton??

I just saw this no plate on a car:


mimid3vils said...

I like black black gon lou mee :P

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Nic! You're torturing me!! Char siew char siew char siew... T_T

ling239 said...

yes, yes, yes!!!
the lard oil makes the difference ~ ^O^

Paranoid Android said...

Was just asking Cumi and Ciki about a good gon low meen place and she directed me here! Lovely, Babilicious Noodles. Never been to Segambut before, and now is a good time as ever to venture there...

ladyironchef said...

o m g! i'm feeling hungry after looking at the photos! i can never say no to char siew, roast pork and roast duck. hahahah and wow, pig intestines too eh? I love it! i'm a babitariian too (Philip explained the history to me) hehe

Sugar Bean said...

Looks nice, with those fat I'm sure it'll be tasty. But it'll make me really fat! Aiks! Have been gaining weight lately. Noodles would do, haha!

Nice photos!

My Taste Heaven said...

I always look for a good teow chew style braised innards in Penang, but could not find one. Yours look so yummy!

backStreetGluttons said...

Its amazing what green coriander does to burnt meat !

suddenly there is natural love , as captured bya passionate lover
( we mean nikonian shuttler)

This area is bsg dark hole

Joyce said...

Your photos and write out are so good.

Have you register to be Foodster?


Who knows you might stand a chance!

Nic (KHKL) said...

selba, babitarian is someone who loves pork! :D welcome to the club! :D

qwazymonkey, talking abt wanton mee, i really wanna try the flying one la. will ask u for directions later..hehe

cumi & ciki, ya lor, u shd check out some makan places in segambut. i can bring u there! there's a nice vietnamese restaurant oso! :D

joe, we'll get plenty this weekend! woohoo!! can't wait!

ai wei, yeah, me hungry to the max too! only got roti wholemeal kosong now. :(

fatboybakes, there's something about intestines that make it so addictive hor? i think it's the texture.

550ml jar of faith, Lard, not soy, lard, not soy! Lard, not soy, lard, not soy! Lard, not soy, lard, not soy! Lard, not soy, lard, not soy! all together now!!!


babe_kl, this one opens during daytime, i think. oh, there's a wanton mee store at night? i must go round that place again! i guess u must be very familiar with segambut oso la, since it's quite near kepong.

thenomadgourmand, oh yeah, u shd! there's also the tomyam claypot thingy. can explore kepong at the same time as well! :D

gfad, OMG! if only i can have a similar number plate! i'll choose BABITARIAN RULEZ! hehe...yupe, i think u can order just about anyhow here. oh, there's the siu cheong as well! yummy!

Nic (KHKL) said...

mimi, me too! and the pickled green chillies to go with it! :D

ling239, the aroma and the smoothness is just so addictive, hor? i likez!

paranoid android, hey, thanks for stopping by, dude! yeah, segambut and kepong have some pretty interesting eats. check 'em out. babilicious...ohhhh, now that's another good term! i take it that u r a babitarian as well? hi5!

ladyironchef, haha, very nice of Phil to explain la. in fact, i rank him higher in the Babitarian group cos he's more knowledgeable in Babiology. welcome to the club, fellow babitarian!

sugar bean, haha, me been gaining weight too. so, hafta burn it off and eat less. such a vicious cycle hor? hehe

my taste heaven, i lurve teo chew braises as well! since i work in singapore, i do get some good choices here. :) hope you'll find a good one in penang soon! and blog abt it!

backstreetgluttons, coriander is cooling as well, right? hehehe...yupe, lurve is inevitable. lurve for the chunk of pork, i mean..hehe...yes, and i'm being warped into the hole, gladly! :D

joyce, thanks so much for the complement!!! :D oohhh, a contest ar? i'll go check it out! thanks for the info! and see ya soon! :D