Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Double Bay Restaurant & Bar

We were at City Hall and just wanted to chill before a crab feast at Macpherson Road. In a moment of absurdity, we decided to do it with style (and flip-flops). Tea at Swissôtel The Stamford or Raffles Hotel came to mind but the unbearable heat deliquesced our unusually lushful itch with each step and as we stood in front of a glass-walled façade displaying a simplistic, cooling interior that felt like a welcoming oasis, we knew we needed to walk no further. Good choice, actually. We still had a view of the Raffles Hotel...and the silhouette of a tree for company.

Double Bay Bread Board

Caesar Salad of Baby Romaine Hearts with Sous Vide Egg & Prosciutto Di Parma

Carpaccio of Pacific Tuna

with Lemon Vinaigrette, Micro Herbs & Ikura

Pavlova with Lemon Curd, Fresh Wild Berries & Forest Berry Sorbet.

Except for the location (which I thought would have been more appropriate had it been located at the Esplanade or Sentosa), there’s no reason to fault the restaurant. Everything was nice - the service, the fashionable music and the Australian food. A good option on those nonchalant weekends away from the maddening hordes at the chic and celebrated cafes in town. The menu, though simple, is substantial and mouth-watering.

To have a real taste of Double Bay, I guess I’ll have to be back for the signature mains like pies and fish & chips. And I will, definitely.

Double Bay Restaurant & Bar
252 North Bridge Road
#01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: (+65) 6334 6530


J said...

*waves fist*
I just had breakfast and now you're making me hungry again.
*mutters something about never visiting hairy's blog in the morning ever again*

babe_kl said...

sorbet on a pav? wow i'm so gonna make that next!

backStreetGluttons beta said...

Its always nice to peep at super fresh dishes without being crowded by over-heavy sauces and topped by little green things, sharply focussed

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like a perfect place and perfect food..

flip flop into raffles would be cool man!

ladyironchef said...

u went to double bay but din have the fish & chips? hahahahaha the "appetisers" before the crab feast eh? wow :D

mimid3vils said...

still can eat crab after this meal?

Selba said...

Very nice shots! I really like the double bay bread board shot :)

ck lam said...

Will try to allocate some of my time to visit this place on this weekend Singapore trip. Ambiance and the food makes my day.

Lianne said...

Nic, you did it again :-) Great find, and wonderful pictures! I cannot help saying that we are really blessed here with wonderful food.

qwazymonkey said...

OMG, i hate you. your pichers are so pweetty. ok i take it back. I don't hate you. Please teach me how to take pichers like you!

ciki said...

in the land of food photography, 'over-exposure' is king! LOVE!

i like raffles. raffles is hot. old but hot - kinda like sean connery:P

oh yar, i forgot, kindly update my link to www.cumidanciki.com TQ!

~Christine~Leng said...

looks sophisticated :) didn't really get to explore much on Singapore during our last visit.. :(

Little Inbox said...


Nic (KHKL) said...

j, sowry! hehehe...more reasons to have seconds for breakfast! i know i want to... ;)

babe_kl, i think it's a great idea! have fun!

backstreetgluttons beta, so cryptic la u! haha. and it's nice to peep at gravy drenched nasi gam too. i like!

joe, believe me, dude. i've done worse than just flip flops in high end places. hahaha.

ladyironchef, u r right! it was before ming kee. i must go try the fish and chips sometime.

mimi, hahaha, yes! plus other seafood as well. akan datang! :)

selba, glad you like the pics! the bread board was kinda good and came with 3 types of dipping.

Nic (KHKL) said...

ck lam, welcome to sg! too bad i'm not around cos it'll be great meeting u! have fun! :)

lianne, woah! thanks so much for the compliment! :) and i definitely agree. we are really, really blessed with sufficient and good food. and we should make full use of the gift. :)

ciki, that reminds me of a bollywood movie..hehehe. yeah, u are right. that place is hot. walking there in the afternoon oso. that's why we ended up at double bay..haha. updated d. :)

christine, too bad we didnt meet up also. next time u come, we go makan habis-habisan ya! :)

little inbox, cool. glad u liked it. :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

qwazymonkey, yikez..terlupa to reply. sowry! the sun was on our side that day. hence the effect. ^_^

qwazymonkey said...

I know i said i hate you but u didn't have to terlupa me pulak! LOL