Thursday, September 30, 2010

LP Noodle Station

Ah, a blissful week. Just like slurping one steaming hot cup of instant kim chi ramyun after another. Perhaps attending a happy event like a wedding ceremony has brought back some good luck (I’m Chinese – the semi-superstitious kind). Work aside, life in the past 5 days involved enjoying a bunch of new songs, interesting reads and good food. By the way, does anyone know that in a traditional Chinese wedding, when a bridegroom ushers his bride into his house straight from the typically horribl interestingly decorated car, everyone has to literally turn their backs on them? Apparently, in failing to do so will have the luck of the guests be forced out of their system by the strong qi discharged from the newly wedded couple. It's only when they rejoin the guests after the bedroom ceremony (nothing sexually-inclined, unless potties are your thang) that they are allowed to meet face to face. Some valuable notes from the resourceful aunties there.

The weekend is here again but there’s no wedding or tea-ceremony to attend. Darn it. Let’s just hope that good luck from the previous week hasn't expired and will continue to run through the weekend (at least) and may there be more pork noodles too. The gorn low (dry-tossed) kway teow and bee hoon combination’s my favourite. Densely flavoured, moist ground pork is a must. A generous scoop of lard or fried shallots oil is almost necessary. Some thick slices of sweet liver sausage complete the universe.

I thought of LP (some Hokkien friends out there must be tickled by this acronym) Noodle Station as I had my gorn low meen for breakfast at a wet market in Cheras, a few hours before the wedding. Coincidentally, Qianli Xiang (the loh mee restaurant in my previous post is located just some lots away from LP. The universe has spoken. I had to, at the very least, flash this LP on my blog.

Rubbish aside, LP is a fine, modern kopitiam. There are the usual nasi lemak, condensed milk-based beverages and kaya toast. What’s interesting is that, in between, there’s pork noodle. And from my observation, there’s at least a bowl on every table. I’m not going to exaggerate and claim this to be whatever bestestestest thing ever because it isn’t. But in all honesty, it’s a bowl of satisfying comfort food. The ground pork's well-seasoned and the sausage's sweet and smoky. A more daring splash of aromatic oil would have been appreciated. On the other hand, I wished the curry chicken was less oily. Oh, or was it designed to have the floating layer of oil be applied to the noodle? The curry chicken here relates to the Chinese version – less spicy and somehow dilute. In general, I think the pairing of chicken curry and gorn lou meen is a champion. Imagine the explosion of flavours when soy sauce meets curry leaves meet pork meets coconut milk meets shallot oil meets sesame oil and tell me it's not worth drooling over.

As mentioned earlier, I've been enjoying some new songs that I've discovered while mindlessly surfing the web. One of them is Melody Gardot's If The Stars Were Mine, which the unripe words seem like a cross between The Sound Of Music and Disneyland. But that's just old cynical HairyBerry babbling. It's a great string-backed, bossanova track laced with MG's sultry voice. So, while I'm still all chirpy and enjoying this rather peculiarly lucky week, here's wishing everyone a good weekend ahead. :)

LP Noodle Station
Jalan SJ 1
Taman Selayang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

comfort food, gon loh mee with some siu cheong. i love the imbi version which i have been eating since a kid!

Life for Beginners said...

"Imagine the explosion of flavours when soy sauce meets curry leaves meet pork meets coconut milk meets shallot oil meets sesame oil and tell me it's not worth drooling over."

Oh trust me I am imagining, and oh trust me, I am drooling! :D

choi yen said...

It's been ages since I had my pork ball noodle, hard to get a nice 1 at our area huh?

PureGlutton said...

Ahh, time to go for my fave pork noodles in KK! Your photos are so evil! :P

Selba said...

So interesting to learn about the traditional Chinese wedding! While reading the first paragraph, I thought you were going to explain more in details about traditional Chinese wedding ;) More.. more.. more, please!

Lately, I've been listening to a Korean ost called "That Person" by Lee Seung Chul. A very nice song. If you are interested, you can listen it:

Have a great weekend!

qwazymonkey said...

Ooooh...LP or no LP, I'll be singing to the tune of this LP for a while!

Curry looks excellent

Extreme Power said...

damn temptalicious.... not fair..

HairyBerry said...

joe, perhaps we have bumped into each other before at the same stall! haha! we usually go there before the swimming lessons.

kenny, "you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one"...hehe

choi yen, you are right! the one at the coffee shop in the kepong baru wet market is pretty good but not sure if it's still there though....

pureglutton, yeah, i remember your post about the pork noodle near your place! hopefully i'll be able to try that soon! ;D

selba, ya know, i've been wanting to blog about the weddings that i've attended but then, i realise that i dont really know the customs well! looking forward to the day when i have enough knowledge to blog about such events! ;D oh, and i've listened to the link you sent. ahhh, nothing like a K-ballad to make the day better, eh? hope your weekend was good. ;D

qwazymonkey, haha, glad you got the joke! ;D i didn't realise that until i started writing this post! haha.

extreme power, haha, not unfair la. do check it out when you are in the area! ;D

Camemberu said...

Dang it! The tasty-looking noodles are always in Malaysia!

HairyBerry said...

camemberu, if you like this, you'll like my next kl food post too! ;D