Friday, October 14, 2011

Restoran O & S

Since the last post, I've been running (what's new, HairyBerry?) and more importantly, training for a few races in the coming months. I've progressively increased my mileage and discovered some new running routes around the neighbourhood. The cool evening breeze during this rainy season has been a great motivator too.

September and October mark the most auspicious period for Chinese couples to tie the knot. Besides the wedding invitation, I was also roped into becoming a best man, performer and emcee for a good friend's wedding just two weeks ago. Stressful, well, a bit. And that's because I had to memorise a Bublé number, which was something new to me. But it was really good meeting my primary and secondary school classmates there.

So, despite the inactivity here, no, I'm not dead. In fact, I've never felt more alive.

At the recent pool party, Sushi said that I'm now 1/3 of my previous size. Some friends and colleagues even asked if I've contracted any fatal disease that has caused the shrinkage. Definitely not. I'm just running longer and farther.

Therefore, I need to eat a lot too, to refuel. Weekdays are pretty much the same - bread, fried noodles, soups, savoury cakes, cookies, fruits and a few cups of good old Milo. I look forward to the weekends, usually after a Saturday morning run, when I would spend time catching up with family and friends over brunch. Big brunches, mostly. There was nothing atas about these eateries but that's cool. These are some of the most common hawker centers and coffee shops in KL that serve good food. I'm excited to blog about them all.

For a start, there's Restoran O&S. The main reason that has kept me away from this coffee shop is the crowd. But this time, the parents insisted on revisiting. Arriving at the unGodly late hour of 10 am (because I had to complete my weekend run earlier), I thought we'd have to shed blood and tears to secure a table. Well, we did have to wait but the patrons have been very considerate. They would leave after finishing their meal and not stay put to chat. Or was I just plain lucky that Saturday?

I had to try the infamous assam laksa. Beneath the golden broth were chunks of mackerel and that, to me, was worth waiting for. The more expensive versions served at the local coffee chains don't come close to offering this much of meat, really. I was expecting intense sourness but it turned out rather sweet, perhaps due to the generous loading of ripe pineapple. I like mine sour and hot, but that's just me. We've also had, among others; popiah, beef noodles and char kway teow. Nothing mind-blowing, but they were all good.

Perhaps quality is more definitive, as compared to good. The ingredients used were fresh, the portions seemed consistent and reasonable, and most of all, tasty. The sellers were very friendly too. For less than RM10 (or RM5, even), what more can you ask for these days?

I'd observed other stalls at O&S that had also attracted a stream of patient customers. The food must be good. Hmmm, looks like I'll have to return to try them all. And to beat the crowd, I guess I'll just have to run earlier...or faster.

Restoran O & S
1, Jalan 20/14
Paramound Garden
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i must have that chee cheong fun everytime im there!

shrinking? that must b a new trend bcos i m ballooning..

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I can never tahan going to O & S because of the crowd! Haven't gone back in years.

You were already so small when I saw you a few months back. Now smaller?!

Selba said...

Nice to know that you are still alive, hahaha.. *j/k* Was wondering where are the yummi posts and pictures in your blog.

Ah.. I wish I could start to run or do any sports that can make me healthy and for sure, to my normal size. Definitely need a motivator, that's for sure.. It's always so hard for the start.

J2Kfm said...

Oh yeah! Damn good stuff, the CKT especially. But again, the crowd ...

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Mmm... that popiah looks good. And I'm with Joe lah, also ballooning while you are shrinking. :P

choi yen said...

teach me teach me, I seriously need to slim down :..(

Pureglutton said...

Almost everything is good at this coffee-shop. One of my fave kopitiams in PJ!

HairyBerry said...

joe, oh yeah, i saw lots of tables wif the ccf! the penang type, right? I gotta try. :) haha, i'm sure i'll be ballooning when the race season is over...hehehe.

bangsar babe, yessss, the crowd is unbelievable! It's a strategy game to get a table. Haha. Yupe, i think i did shrink a bit more but as long as it's healthy, right? ;) and, i can makan more. :)

selba, good to know that u still read my blog! :) ya know, i also miss my blog a lot. Hopefully i'll have time to write more. :) as for the exercise, yeah, i totally agree that the start is always the most difficult. Try to find a physical activity that u enjoy, and start from there. That may help. :)

j2kfm, woohoo, got an approval from da motormouth that the food's good! I hafta return. The crowd, sigh, really la, hafta go very, very early....

kenny, aiyooooo, u where got ballooning??? I saw yr latest holiday pics in the devil's blog. U look thinner leh...nice photos, btw. :)

choi yen, wei, i saw yr latest holiday pics on your blog. U look pretty and fit lah! I'm sure motherhood has kept u busy and active also, right? Btw, lil sam has grown so tall!!! :)

pureglutton, you have reminded me that pj has some of the best coffee shops in the klang valley. I guess that's why people flock here. Including an out of towner like me! Haha.

qwazymonkey said...

O&S has been my staple kopitiam-to-go since i was 3 years old. I love the food here, despite a bit jelak of it these days. But every now and then, when I crave for some lip smacking Penang Chee Cheong Fun or a rich Penang Hokkien Mee...or even a good Mee Jawa, I'd just drop by to tapau. That's just the convenience of living very close to the shop...and best of all, I get preferable treatment since most of these stall owners know me well.

Anyway, just want to inform you that I'm back to blogging again and have just migrated to Please update your RSS and blogroll. Thanks very much!

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow.. a best man, a performer and an emcee too.. aren't you a jack of all trades. And oh, marathon-er as well, u forget.
1/3 ur size.. im scared to look la.. u mean ur even skinnier than before?
I can only manage my 1hr runs in the morning otherwise it gets too late for me to arrive at work. Wkds can run with Cumi so longer la;) Really admire how you've built up the distance. U'd probably make a terrific full marathon runner soon, if not already;)

Ming said...

I used to go there loads as a kid. The ark thooi mee suah was great (I think the dude gave up years ago).

Nowadays whenever I'm back in KL I go for the kuay teow th'ng and the prawn mee...

The assam laksa there's meant to be amazing... but I don't like AL.

Check it out...

UnkaLeong said...

Curry Mee has my vote at O&s. You need some weight on them bones lar bro. Nice catching up with you, even if it was but for a brief moment :)

HairyBerry said...

qwazymonkey, welcome back to the blogosphere! :) ooohhh, so, you are a regular here eh? must name drop next time to get extra stuff..or help get a table. hehehe. joking lah. i've heard so much about the ccf. must give it a try. ok, updated the link already. have fun with the next website! :)

ciki, aiyoooo, i'm hardly an all-trader lah. more like half bucket stuff...haha. but it's fun doing so much stuff at the wedding. yeah, i think i have shrunk a bit more, cos am running more these days. but i dont do morning runs already. i think evening runs are better cos i can run longer, without thinking about rushing to the office. i admire your discpline! to wake up every morning to run, wow, respect! :)

Ming, thanks so much for the tips and for dropping by! :) so, looks like the prawn mee is another favourite there, eh? noted! haha, i do like AL a lot but this version seems tad too sweet for my taste. maybe i should give them another try, eh? :)

unkaleong, curry mee! ok, another thing to try! haha. ya la, bro, i've been eating a lot also. just that em meat doesnt stick to the bones. haha. yeah, good meeting up that day! and to hear good news also, right? :)

choi yen said...

No, I'm not slim anymore, spare tyre tummy, elephant leg, butterfly arms *sob*sob*

HairyBerry said...

choi yen, don't worry. to me, the motivation to exercise comes rather spontaneously. and when it does, you'll be doing it everyday. don't give up! :)

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Don't worry about "the meat not sticking to the bones", so to speak. I think you've been morphing into a runner's build and that's different from, say, something that is more gym-developed. Looks more "real" and healthy, I would wager. (The runner's build, I mean.) :)

P.S. I guess the rest of me stays relatively thin but my waistline is what is ballooning... I tend to not showcase this fact on my blog pics. LOL

HairyBerry said...

kenny, well, i don't know about a runner's physique but the legs are definitely being stretched. it was was so obvious that a random masseur, upon touching my calves, said that i must have been running a lot!

re p.s. hahaha! ya know, i never noticed that you edit body parts too. no la, i'm sure it's not that bad lah. since u do workout, u'll be fine, i'm sure. and of course, staying healthy is the main priority. :)