Thursday, September 20, 2007

ABC Mydin Food Corner

After a great night in the city, hung pangs hit again! So, we headed to ABC Mydin Food Corner at Bandar Seri Mahkota. There’s no particular reason why we chose this Mamak (Indian-Muslim) stall for our late night supper. Just a place to hang out when we visit friends staying in the Cheras (Sungai Long) area. In fact, I try to have Mamak food each time I return to KL because this is really comfort food at its cheapest (unless you go for mutton soup or western food, of course) and is definitely a great place to have long chats without having to spend RM20 (or above) on a cuppa and designer cakes. And they open 24/7 too!

There were no surprises in our drinks selection as we went for our usuals, Teh-O-Ais-Kosong (unsweetened iced tea), Limau Ais (iced lime juice) and Horlicks Kosong Panas (hot unsweetened Horlicks).

Azuan ordered Indo-Mie Goreng (poached instant noodles mixed with dark soya sauce and flavouring) with Mata Kerbau (sunny-side up egg) which got my eyes all rolled up. I mean, I could have made this in my house. But comfort food is, again, comfort food. Therefore, not much comment on the generic taste.

I had the Kuey Tiau & Bee Hoon Goreng (fried flat rice flour noodle & vermicelli) which turned out to be quite bland. The chili sauce, lime juice and fried shallots didn’t help much in adding extra flavours to the dish. It also lacked in dark soya sauce. For my next visit, I think I will stick to my beloved Maggi Goreng (fried instant noodles) instead.

Anthony’s Cheese and Garlic Naan Bread looked quite interesting as a generous serving of chopped garlic covered the top surface of the naan. Cheddar cheese was found embedded in the naan itself. The taste was similar to that of garlic bread minus the fragrance of the sesame. The naan itself was quite fluffy, as compared to some Mamak joints that serve the hard type. The curries for dipping were quite flavourful and spicy. I love curries but somehow, I felt curries and cheeses are of 2 different polarities and don’t really blend well.

The total price came up to RM15 and Azuan paid for it (thanks!). We were too tired to breakdown the prices and just left it as it was.

Overall, an ordinary Mamak joint for a quick snack and a cup of tea. I am still searching for the best Maggi Goreng in KL!

ABC Mydin Food Corner
Bandar Seri Mahkota, Sungai Long,
Cheras, Selangor
(Sorry for the incomplete address. This place is very near Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)).

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