Friday, September 7, 2007

Coffee Club @ Holland Village

After leaving Chong Pang, we've decided to spend some time catching up on each other's life and of course, to satisfy our craving for something sweet (since we forgot to redeem the ice cream). So, we headed towards Holland Village and after browsing through a few cafes, decided to land in Coffee Club.
Jeremy and Jacq opted for the infamous Muddy Mud Pie while I'd decided to try out the Hazelnut Nougat Parfait.

The Muddy Mud Pie arrived first and looked divine, as usual. The best thing about Coffee Club's mud pie is that good contrast in taste between the slightly bitter taste of the cocoa powder layer below the pie and sweetness of the chocolate filling.

My parfait was visually appetising and tasted good as well. The taste of caramelized hazelnut in the nougat was well defined. The texture of the nougat was soft and light, making it a joyful experience with every bite. I enjoyed the orange tuile as it provided a refreshing taste to the nutty nougat. I scraped off every drop of the caramel sauce around the parfait (which I'm not sure if it was for aesthetic reasons) as it went really well with the crushed hazelnuts. I'm not a fan of Coffee Club's desserts but this ensemble has definitely got it goin' on for me.

A good chat with good desserts. What a great way to end the weekend.
By the way, service was very attentive too.

Coffee Club - Holland Village
48A Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277686
Phone: 6466 0296