Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ramen Santouka (らーめん 山頭火) @ The Central

A glass of water with crushed ice.
A simplistic menu of promising dishes.
A silent dinner amidst the cheerful ambiance.
A briefcase of unfinished thoughts and emptiness.

A plate of gyoza.
A typical plate of gyoza.
A generous minced pork filling.
A thick skin he wished he had this afternoon.

A bowl of rice.
A touch of salmon roe.
A topping of steamed salmon.
A simple dish in this complex life.

A bowl of char siu rice.
A taste of fresh, crunchy leek.
A dashed hope for a piece of soft pork.
A plan to refresh this parched life in this starched shirt.

A slightly chewy ramen.
A thick and tender piece of char siu.
A miso base soup of absolute saltiness.
A reflection of the unreasonable demands of the world.

A bowl of Asahikawa ramen.
A dream of those Tokyo days.
A view of the Singapore River.
A sigh, an unproductive Monday.

A search later
A dish he missed earlier
A Tokusen Toroniku Ramen
A much better option, a Signature.

Sake-Ikura Gohan (Salmon Rice) – S$7.00
Char Siu Set (Char Siu Rice with Miso Ramen) – S$16.50
Gyoza (5 pcs) – S$5.00

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The Travelling Hungryboy

Ramen Santouka (らーめん 山頭火)
6 Eu Tong Sen St
#02-76, The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: (+65) 62240668

A you and me.
A singular plurality.


team bsg said...

a reflection of the intricate world of colors wrapping delicate anxieties...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like someone is jumping on the japanese come jap food seems so cheap in S$ ar?

Jackson said...

a real japanese indulgence..
a real good review...

ling239 said...

the salmon and salmon roe rice is so pretty looking !!
the rice with vinegar ?

Xiu Long Bao said...

A not so satisfying meal followed by A scoop of heaven sent hokkaido ice cream & A bowl of achingly sweet tong yuen. Hmmm...A silent dinner?

CUMI & CIKI said...

death to halal japanese... long live da sweet sweet pork... i want!

kennymah said...

A flutter of the shutter.A row of beautiful photos.
A flattery of poetry.
A damn shiok blog!


Nic (KHKL) said...

team bsg, a reflection indeed. sometimes, all it takes is a bowl of soupy noodle to wash down all the anxieties in life. served warm, preferably.

joe, no lar, no jumping or anything. this is my ohana-chan month. so, i'll dedicate my blog to her all this month, by posting japanese food.. :)

yeah, if we don't convert, the prices here are quite ok. oh, that's before the tax lar.

a real great honour from you!!
a real big thank you from me!!

ling239, yupe, i thought the salmon rice looked good too. especially the colour...apparently, there was no vinegar in the rice... :)

xiu long bao, that much food?? all in one day?? how did i survive?..haha..perhaps it's the walk from clarke quay to chinatown to outram park..."silent" here is a state of mind...of nothingness...

cumi & ciki, ramen without char siu is bland, wanton noodle without char siu boring and bao without char siu is dull. long live porky pork!


a short, reflective post
a shiok sendiri moment
a compliment from y'all
a big, big thank you from me!


Sugar Bean said...

Looks like a nice place for Japanese food. Aiks, in Singapore again? Guess we can only look at the photos.

Sorry bout the Mr. Meat translation. Haha!

sc said...

you really take an extra effort to make this post look fantastic. even the sentences are arranged beautifully...kudos!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

A cacophony of thoughts
Reflected in empty
bowls of nippon
inspired beauty.

A reminder of love
carried on wings
of sakura petals
in a gentle breeze.

Jason said...

Why "thick skin" refer to "afternoon"? :P

Nic (KHKL) said...

sugar bean, eh? you changed your name already? well, i've been eating quite some japanese meals recently. but worry not, more japanese food from kl to come! :)

hey, no problem abt the translation. it was fun! ;)

sc, arigato gozaimasu...haha! yeah, sometimes when the food is just so-so, one tends to focus on words for writing a post, i mean...glad you enjoyed the post! more to come ;>

lyrical lemongrass,

A porcelain-faced beauty
A hana that flew by
A porcelain bowl of delicacy
A reminder of love passed by

A petal fell on her hair
A gentle breeze in spring
A memory beyond compare
A beauty like the poem you bring

* hana = flower :)

jason, oh...that sentence....thick skin is like "tak malu"...that afternoon, i had some, if i was thick-skinned, i would have apologised and things would be ok but i didnt...hence, some problems were ok liao :)

~Christine~Leng said...

A pakcik who's talented
A lil' girl like me who admires..
A talent that not everyone could have
A fascinating tell about
see told you were good! Can't continue any longer ;P

How's your exam pak cik? ;)

fatboybakes said...

aitelyu ah the youth of today have forgotten the zalimness of WWII....embracing jap food like one would embrace a voluptuous geisha...

JOjo said...

A plate of rice at Canteen A
A day of Assignment
A girl who is deprive of food
A lot of notes
A stack of books
A promise of not reading blog
A broken promise
A tough semester
A girl who wants to go out makan whining on Pakcik Nic's blog


Nic (KHKL) said...


A big, big thank you to you!
A hope the post made you smile
A shiok sendiri thingy he enjoys
A red face he's having now


exams starting end of April til early May. In the meantime, assignments to work somemore..sigh...

oh, yes, zalimness of WWII is not something that can be forgotten over a plate of maguro...but if food can cure sickness, perhaps one day, it can cure all the sadness in the world...

at first, i did contemplate on whether i should initiate the japanese food month thingy...then, i remembered wen jiabao playing baseball in kyoto...and zhiyi zhang as a geisha...then, i typed my ohana-chan...



A tougher semester
A greater reward
A stronger spirit
A brighter tomorrow!

hang in there, ya!

Jun said...

"a singular plurality". i like that. :)

Simon Seow said...

Ah the Central, I had my fair share of Japanese goodness here.

Nic (KHKL) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic (KHKL) said...

jun, yeah, that was such a spontaneous thought! liked it instantly and thought it's good for the ohana-chan theme..hehe

simon, there are some good stuff a the central. was there last weekend and found a rather interesting restaurant. will post soon ;)

yeah, i've not checked out tom ton yet..sigh...

jiaying said...

love the way you phrased the post! (:

Nic (KHKL) said...

jiaying, thanks for dropping by! and thanks for the compliment..glad you enjoyed the post! ;)

peaceofbunny said...

i've never left a comment on blogs before although i do enjoy reading them a lot. Somehow yr writing expresses so much yet with so few words...there is a sensitive soul within but tightly wrapped up. Hope that u can have what you've been yearning for