Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yo! Sushi @ Pavilion

Music by nic-O
Lyrics by N-ico

Hey Kanye! Jay-Z boi! Timbaland, ma man!
This ain't no east west side...
This ain't no shiznit...
Listen up, listen up!

Me and da sista were chillin'
Her LV and pumps slammin'
Ain't no fool, ain't no full,
We gotta get 'em some fixin'.

Down to the flo'
We slide....
Darn fly bar
We eyed...

Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!
Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!


Da Tuna Tataki
Makes me go krazy
Da seared tuna
Makes me keepin' wanna
Da citrus dressin'
Makes me go krumpin'

Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!
Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!

Breaky, break it down.

Ma Miso Black Cod
Ma Miso Black Cod
Ya taste so soft and milky
Ya make me say Gawd!

Da Shiro Maguro
Dat do no flaw
Da soft butterfish...
...with da lime in da dish
Da dawg wants mo'

Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!
Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!

18 years, 18 years
Still stuck 'em on damn bad beers
Da Crispy Duck and Moromi Miso
Ain't got me rappin' ain't no Izzo
Ma b#$^h's roasted duck rice in the hood
Itz so betta, itz so good

Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!
Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!

No bling or Prada
For dat phat sista
Ask fo' her flava
She said...
"matcha and goma"

Da cream so fine
'em wanna break a beat
But da dawg needz brine
Cuz da cream dang sweet

Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!
Say what? Say what?
Say Yo! Say Yo!

Peace and love, y'all.
Da dawg'll be back to Yo!

Price list
Green Tea - RM3.00
Tuna Tataki - RM14.00
Shiro Maguro - RM14.00
Miso Black Cod - RM16.00
Green Tea Ice-Cream - RM8.00
Miso Soup - Rm5.00 (unlimited)
Black Sesame Ice-Cream - RM 8.00
Crispy Duck and Moromi Miso - Rm8.00

Yo! Sushi
Lt 1.18A.01
Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 2148 8588

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Hazza said...

This is a UK owned chain. I have never ate in one though although there is one only 1km from where I live. SOmehow the price and uninspired look of the food on the conveyor belt put me off. The Malaysian version looks so much better!

CUMI & CIKI said...

rappin, poppin, sushi-eatin maestro ! nice one ;)

Xiu Long Bao said...

man u hav got 2 perform it live, esp the sliding on the floor part.

ling239 said...

looking forward to a rap video on food from u ~ ^O^

Jason said...

You obviously got the Japanese food bug from XLB or JFKA :p

Bernsy said...

hahaha, now you also berpantun with your japanese food also ah....

Precious Pea said...

LOL!!!!!! Please rap it out for me when we meet again. A MUST YAH?

Big Boys Oven said...

very very nice hor!

mimi said...

did u dance also when u write this...hehe
Would like to try the black sesame ice-cream...

KampungboyCitygal said...

3 jap food post in a roll..its killin me man

fatboybakes said...

wrap isnt exactly my cuppa tea, but your wrapping sounds brilliant...
you're on a roll arent ya, albeit sushi....

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The butterfish looks delicious. Will try that next time. Your rapping makes my bulu stand ler.

Keropok Man said...

i want those ice cream!!

~Christine~Leng said...

you know what?
you're awesome!
Pls perform this before all of us when we meet up again... you need a stage? I could help decorate it with lotsa... food! ;P

Nic (KHKL) said...

yo! hazza...yupe, it is UK-owned. i was sceptical at first but was glad i tried the signature dishes. really good! yeah, the price is somehow kinda steep...

yo! cumi & ciki....watsup, watsup! hehe...thanks for the compliment. glad ya enjoyed it...peace and love, y'all! :D

yo! xiu long bao...haha! never thought of doing it live leh...slide is just a slang lar...knowing how fat i am, how to slide??? kakakaka...

yo! you remind me of that rap Negaraku thingy...but of course, his song was catchier than fact, i havent got a tune for it..haha!

yo! lar, no bug from anyone lar...april is spring time...cherry blossom, i thought i'll dedicate this month to my ohana-chan by posting j-food lor. :)

yo! bernsy...hahahaha, i thought it'll be kinda refreshing lar since yo!'s fusion concept's kinda refreshing to me as well...check it out,'s good!

yo! precious pea...hahaha! omg! what have i gotten myself into?? haha! sure, but must have my booze first cos i'm kinda shy one...hehe

Nic (KHKL) said...

yo! big boys oven...zthansku! zthansku! hehe...glad you enjoyed it! i enjoyed it more than my chewy puff..hehe...

yo! lar, me notz a good dancer...haha! u like black sesame ice-cream? i heard ozeki's pretty good (and expensive)...i haven't tried before though...

yo! kampungboycitygal...oh my, i can't imagine what's gonna happen next cos the next few posts leading to the end of the month will be on j-food...ok, got a bit of fusion lar...hehe

yo!! sthanku for the compliment, man! you're cool! i guess i'm more inspired when i'm under pressure (or rolled, haha!) now (exam fever)..sigh...

yo! lyrical check it out, ya! soft and rich, it's phabulosity (iz dat how them spellz it??)...haha! eh, why bulu stand ar? too geli isit?? hehe..looks like i gotta write fallad (food+ballad) lar..haha!

yo! keropok man...the ice cream is ok lar...hey, may i recommend azabu sabo's hokkaido ice-cream in sg ar? the black sesame and matcha's good! oh, milk tea too!

yo! christine...sthanku sista for da compliment! glad ya like it...perform?? haha! no need stage la...just give me a few bottles of beer and make me drunk first...haha! me very shy one.. ;>

Sugar Bean said...

Yooooooo, so many Japanese food in a row? Makes me desperate for Japanese food too!

Did you rap? Maybe you should put your video on Youtube so all of us can see it. :)

Jun said...

whr's my share yo!?

ai wei said...

seriously, i think u could encode this as lyrics into a rap song maybe? haha, Yo-yo-Yo!

Anonymous said...

Pakcik Nic turns Pakcik Rapper! :D

I passed by the restaurant yesterday at Pavilion... had I read this review earlier, they may found me a patron. Still, never too late.

But, er, will you be there to accompany my unagi maki with you yo-yo-yo's? :P

J2Kfm said...

haha ... that was phat ...
rarely someone raps bout food, and you took it up a notch, you rap bout SUSHI ...

Michelle said...

newbie here.. =P
nice sushi rap!~
ur pix uncontrollably "drools" me..

Nic (KHKL) said...

yo! sugar bean....more, more j-food coming up ;)

haha, i did rap..but only in my mind...omg, youtube?? i think ppl wont dare to eat sushi d after seeing my performance! haha...

yo! jun...we'll do yo! when ya back in kl, yo! alright, yo! cuz there's no yo! in sg yet, yo! haha...

yo! ai wei...haha, that'll be cool but i will need music for the rap song...and i'm not gonna use our nation anthem for sure! haha!

yo! check it out...the miso black cod and butterfish's good!

sure, sure...if i'm back in kl, sure! eh, you can yo! there with ya Prada-fan friend, yeah? wink, wink! :D

yo! J2Kfm...thanks for dropping by! and sthanku for da compliment...that was phat, yo! i guess the name of the restaurant was a great inspiration..haha!

yo! michelle...thanks for dropping by! and glad ya enjoyed the 'lil rap. oh, i was salivating too when i saw the pic of the tuna again! haha!

Tummythoz said...

Rap & raw food. Yoyoyo so not my scene. Then again dun mind the ice-cream.

ling239 said...

that is a good one !
go work on it ~ ^_^

Simon Seow said...

Yo! Uncle Nic in da house yo!

Makes me wanna do a rap and sing in Yo! Sushi.

mic check 1,2,3 MC Simon in da house yo!
Gimme a tuna tataki with the miso black cod.

Don't stop at the unagi, continue with the chawan mushi.


Nic (KHKL) said...

yo! tummythoz...the ice-cream's ok. but a 'lil too sweet for me. would have preferred the coarser type. if ya enjoy sweet stuff, this one's fo ya! :)

yo! ling239...haha, i guess in that case, it'll be with some kl canto slang cuz that guy did it with some muar hokkien slang as well...hehe...

yo! simon...watsup, watsup! what's going down, yo! ain't do no wrong with da tataki and the black cod...check it out, check it out, yo! peace, ma brader!


ling239 said...

so i believe u have done all the preparation work.... when ? faster faster.... ^O^

Nic (KHKL) said...

yo! aiyo!yo! ling239..haha! i do believe i have all the ideas but i also do believe if i ever appear on youtube, everyone will ban yo! for life...see me also no appetite already...haha...