Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My 8 Habits, My Virginal Tag

(For Imbi & Itchy)

- My 8 Habits, My Virginal Tag -

I love a traffic jam
As much as smoked ham
When no one’s looking
I’ll continue singing.

Escargots are lovely
I love scooping the flesh
Nose digging is heavenly
Beats having a potato mash.

My crunchy little finger’s nail
Sharp and long in scale
When I hear not a word you say
Into my ear it’ll sail.

Plucking grapes in Bordeaux
A dream I should follow
Plucking my goatee hair
It’s pleasure beyond compare.

Brownies are delicious
I can take thirteen pieces
Fourteen is too much
And I’m superstitious.

After a busy day
And a rich parfait
With my working attire
I zzzz away.

Buffets are a blessing
With salmon and herring
But wastage is condemning
And I’ll be cursing.

79.657657657% cooked and tender
1.465421327 grams of pepper
24 degrees glass of water
100% obsessive compulsive disorder.



Kenny Mah said...

"Nose digging is heavenly
Beats having a potato mash."

EEEEEWWWWWWWWW.... I thought this was a food blog? Unless you consider boogers a heavenly dish, ahhaha...

Btw, whatever happened to that Impromptu Tea post that appeared on my RSS reader but nowhere to be found here? Colour me curious.

Nic (KHKL) said...

kenny, thanks for the reminding me about the impromptu tea post...already up :D

i messed up my posts, that's why this post, now come before palate palette...sigh...

lol on the boogers...well, i just like to dig lah, not eat it...haha!

ling239 said...

pretend din see.....

i have so many outstanding >.<"

Nic (KHKL) said...

ling239, hehehe.....hmmm, maybe i should tag you as well...hehehe...

i'm a very bad person, hor? hahaha! ;>

Simon Seow said...

Woii you. *salute* Poetic answer to a tag. My la I don't have that kind of talent.

Nic (KHKL) said...

simon, aiya, no talent lar...shiok sendiri only lar...but had fun doing it la...hehe

Michelle said...

this is actually quite good..
nice. more to come? hehehe

new passerby saying hi. =)

Nic (KHKL) said...

hi michelle, thanks for stopping by! and for the compliment as well...more to come? yupe, will definitely rhyme again...havent done that in awhile ;D