Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Annalakshmi @ Temple Of Fine Arts

Athithi Dhevo Bhava

The guest is God.

That love for all is priceless, so is the food here at Annalakshmi. You eat as you like, pay as you feel. From the friendly faces of the voluntary helpers to the delicious, home-cooked vegetarian food, it’s all about spreading the joy of goodness in this part of the universe. For the volunteers, it’s to attain some peace and harmony as well, through the act of selfless service. Visitors like us are in for an experience that leads to better understanding of a peace-loving culture and an education in Indian vegetarian cuisine. Not forgetting a visual spectacle in the Temple of Fine Arts.

Without a glance at my improper attire of short pants and slippers, we were welcomed into the house of love. I sincerely apologise for my shameful ignorance.

As I dazed through the colourful, mouth-watering Swayamvara buffet spread, a kind lady of utmost radiance asked if there was a particular dish that I was looking for. The fact was, all I ever wanted were already well presented before me. Resam, kulambu, stir-fried vegetables, thayir, dhal, sambar, podi, raita; the right complements to the pulao rice, dosas, iddlis, puris and chapattis. And some payasam to end the meal. In between, one can order the ubiquitous lassi, among other beverages.

Personally, I love the pulao for its fluffiness and taste. The chapatti was served soft, warm and fragrant. Fantastic. The food at Annalakshmi was exceptional. All dishes were cooked to humble perfection and that's really appetising.

Perhaps it’s true that food tastes best when cooked with love. For me, it was a divine state of taste that I will remember for a long time (especially after several visits to substandard Indian vegetarian restaurants).

Radiohead describes it best.

Everything in its right place.

116, Jalan Berhala
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Check out their informative website here.

Click here for Masak-Masak’s Annalakshmi experience.


backStreetGluttons said...

an artful taste of Nirvana , here on earth
? At last

fatboybakes said...

gosh hairy berry, only you can make annalakshmi sound like a spiritual pilgrimage.....

babe_kl said...

i passed by here last nite but ended up eating at Gopala's :p

Camemberu said...

For a while, I thought you went to the Singapore one already! Ah, didn't know about a KL branch. YUMMY! Looks gooood!

The guest is God. I like that. Only with mindful spirituality can one really infuse whatever one does with divine excellence.

Selba said...

Very interesting...... :)

Paprika said...

welcome back! a slice of heaven indeed. the food here really is sublime. lets go together and reminisce about india!

ling239 said...

i am interested in the bean paste in second food picture... wat do u call that ?

J2Kfm said...

most of the items also sounded alien to me. :)

but there's one branch in Penang, where we used to frequent during our attachment at the GH.

good stuff, and their mango lassi's superb!

UnkaLeong said...

Now you have got me yearning for resam..heheh, awesome pics bro!

550ml jar of faith said...

I can truly believe this is a spiritual and gastronomic feast of love... I get a distinct sense of calm when I step into an Annalakshmi's, regardless where I am. Almost like a higher presence telling me to take a deep breath and just receive, receive the wondrous love!

Bangsar-bAbE said...'s not even lunch time! I'm already salivating on my keyboard... o_0

I like their puri and mango lassi best!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

So profound. I'm impressed, Hairy. I suppose it's a combination of everything...the food, the ambiance, the date? ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

15 mins walk apparently..but at this kinda weather..i prob melt when i arrive..

mimid3vils said...

All those Indian dishes name make me daze, hehe :P Call me idiot :P

ai wei said...

wow, seldom hang out at this place. seems like there are lots of fine and authentic indian food

Life for Beginners said...

I love that opening line. It transforms all, simply. And prepares us for the rest of your piece, your homage. :)

Alexander said...

This looks so good. I bet you had a wonderful time.

Alex's World! -

Nic (KHKL) said...

backstreetgluttons, cool stuff, eh? enlightenment or not, i lurve the food. and to think that it's actually vegetarian! at last, indeed. yummy!

fatboybakes, aiyoh, i'm not worthy la...but thanks so much for the compliment! inspiring food, that's for sure! ;D feel like going again soon la.

babe_kl, ohhhh, i've heard of good things about gopala's as well! dontcha just love brickfields for its wonderful spread of good Indian restaurants? ;D

camemberu, yeah, i am still looking forward to the one in singapore. jom, let's go!!! ;D

wow, i really like your interpretation of divinity and spirituality! the spirit is never way from the divine, yes, you are right!

selba, i agree! the food, the ambience, the concept. everything just spelt interesting! ;D

paprika, ahhhh, sublime! yesssss, that's the word, babe! yeah, let's go again and talk/think/feel India. So, where's next? South India? ;D

ling239, oppps, sorry cos i didnt jot down the name of that dish. they have labels for all the dishes. i must go again to find out. i email u when i get the name la, ok? ;D

j2kfm, well, after a few vegetarian lunchs and you'll know them by heart, trust me! ;D oh, there's a branch in penang as well? cool stuff!! yeah, their mango lassi is not too sweet nor sour. just nice! lurved it! ;D

Nic (KHKL) said...

unkaleong, aiyerrr, from where u are, annalakshmi is not too far leh. so, can go anytime! ;D ask snow white for recommendations. we've eaten quite a lot that day! ;D and thanks for the compliment, bro!

550ml jar of faith, oh, you have just reminded me of the accompanying music at annalakshmi's. lurve the sounds of the sitar. really tranquilising, that's for sure. i have learnt to go before the peak hours for the full experience. all is love, yo! ;D

bangsar-babe, too, me too!!! since yesterday summore..haha! yeah, there's a subtle lightness to their rotis, puris and naans. served warm somemore! i like!! and their mango lassi for dessert..that's good stuff!

lyrical lemongrass, woahhhhh, thanks so much for the compliment, dear! good food does that to people, i guess..hehe..yupe, everything in its right yeah, it was a saturday, no need to work, so was more relaxed! ;D

joe, woah, 15 mins walk from your office ar? but yeah, i agree la dude. you'll probably melt before u reach there and loss appetite d...going for dinner might be a better choice. ;D

mimi, aiyoh, u are not idiot la. when i started to take Indian food, i cant even name one of the dishes. but after a while, everything comes in automatically. especially the dishes that i like. ;D

ai wei, yupe, i lurve lurve lurve this place! lotsa good Indian food here. i tasted one of the best banana leaf rice here. do check out this place when u have time! it's worth the experience! ;D

kenny, the 3 words are very cool, hor? even without knowing what it meant, i knew i was gonna be in for an impressive phrase. and it sure does not disappoint! well, i guess when the food's good, the inspiration does pour in. like delicious payasam! ;D

alexander, yupe, the food sure tastes good! ;D oh, i did have a good time eating and just absorbing into the atmosphere. and of course, the makan kaki, snow white, was a great company as well! i wont have second thoughts visiting annalakshmi again! ;D

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Sugar Bean said...

Not too familiar with Indian food actually. But when you mentioned chapati, I realised I haven't had them for ages! Finally you posted something in KL, I'll be able to try it when I'm back! Thx!

ToyGirl said...

u know, i can't decide which is better. Your incredible way with words or your tantalising food pics...yummm *slurp*

thenomadGourmand said...

with the food not mainly for commercial purposes renders this place diff. My virginal visit was in Pg, i was impressed, didnt knw KL got one til masak-masak blogged abt it. gonna drag unka there but tht fella blamin me for his weight gain!

Nic (KHKL) said...

xin tian, hi! glad u enjoyed reading my self-indulging posts...hehehehe...and thanks for your interest! more to come!! ;D

sugar bean, i've tried a few good Indian restaurants in London. i am sure there are good ones in your place as well. do find em, ya!! ;D

toygirl, wahhhhhhhhhhh!!! thanks so much for the compliment la. i am not worthy...hehehe..i must say the food was inspirational la. it makes writing the post a pleasure! ;D

thenomadgourmand, oh, u are so right about the non-commercialisation of it. and that is, i think, a very good point! it's all about the goodness of things here! ;D as for unka, wah liao! he's not fat to begin with. and will never be fat la. drag him, drag him!!! hahaha!

sakaigirl said...

I love to eat here! the food are great! love your pics!

Nic (KHKL) said...

sakaigirl, thanks for stopping by! glad u like 'em! ;D i wanna visit annalakshmi soon!! ;D