Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tell-A-Tale (Part 36): A Party Of Mommas' Great Recipes

The Just Heavenly boys of Nigel and Allan invited a group of us to a celebration of hearty, tantalising food with recipes passed down by their mothers. Here are some of the dishes we had.

Tomato Mee

The thick, non-starchy gravy was appetisingly sweet and sour. Delicious!

Satay Ayam

Just a topping of the sauce on plain, white rice will make one happy, definitely. And when the chicken’s well cooked, it’s a great bonus. I guess in a way, it does remind me of the dip for satays.

Foo Chow’s Red Wine Chicken With Mee Sua

Slurping down the smooth strands of mee sua followed by the bowl of warm soup was nice. I like the large slices of ginger in the soup. It gave the dish a nice flavour and aroma. Not forgetting the medicinal purpose as well.


This was no ordinary Otak-Otak. Instead of just fish paste, this was filled with chunks of fish. Delectably moist as well.

Devil’s Curry

It was my first taste of the infamous Eurasian dish. And what can I say? It was very tasty! One could almost taste the good amount of spices in the curry. What’s more when there were lots of meat in it too. Solid.

Lemon Meringue Tartlets

Expect nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to desserts from the fabulous baker boys. The sweet, cotton soft meringue went really well the lemon filling. It was so good, I had two of them!

Chinese Doughnuts

These fried dainties may look simple enough but take a bite to be addicted by their lightness. A layer of sugar coating just added more fun and crunch.

Towards the end of the official closing time of the party, I was presented with a birthday cake! It was absolutely unexpected. Thank you so much, Just Heavenly, for the gorgeous, lip-smacking chocolate cake!

The baker boys and their business partner, Ann, prepared more than the above. Among the dishes not shown here; the Inche Kaybin (fried chicken with a soy sauce and chilli dipping), Shepherd's Pie, Bangkok Kaya Cake and colourful, stir-fried vegetables. And there were lots of wine jelly too, for those who stayed on until hmmm...minutes before midnight. Yes, it was a party that lasted half a day!

Thank you again, Nigel and Allan for the great time. And for sharing the amazing food that tell of amazing tales!

For recipes on the dishes served that day, check out the latest issue of Flavours. It comes with a thorough write-up on the event as well. Oh, let's not forget those absolutely awesome pictures.

On another note, well, Mother's Day came and gone with the usual crowded restaurants and expensive gifts. Despite all the chaos, I'm sure it is nice to get together once in a while to celebrate one of the superwomen in your life. Of course, it doesn't begin nor end there. Continue to make them happy and that's the best gift, I think.

Oh, Father's Day coming up too. Mark your calendar, people!


Selba said...

Ah... what a feast! A celebration of mothers' recipes! Sweet... :)

The tomato mee looks like spaghetti with bolognese sauce.

Happy Mother's Day to your mom, Nic!

Snow White said...

Oh, it's so nice to read about this and view the gorgeous piccies. re-living the whole lunch again :) and thank you for taking me there!

550ml jar of faith said...

I just about burst out crying when I read your last paragraph! Despite my best intentions, I did not make it back home to see my Mom and taste her wonderful cooking. Yup, must remember to make it up to her!

qwazymonkey said...

Errr, just exactly how many birthday celebrations did you get in the end. I kinda lost count d. LOL

But, boy oh boy can those two masterbakers cook too! Salivating already. Now I definitely need some breakfast.

thenomadGourmand said...

hahah..this is quite sometime ago horr?? sorry, cant help teasing ya ;)
but i'm sure u intentional blog abt only now, to coincide w the 'launch' of the latest issue of Flavours. ahemm. well timed!

UnkaLeong said...

Twas a great party indeed! I was stuffed to the brim with good 'ole home cooking from the heart.

Was looking for the May edition of flavours, but could not find it?

sc said...

That's a whole load of good looking food! am hungry looking at it :(

mimid3vils said...

It's lunch time!!! I shouldn't come in at this time *sigh*

Tempting to try that tomato mee, must be very appetizing!!!

ai wei said...


all the dishes look red and spicy
except the last dessert

happy celebration! our family do not have such tradition to celebrate event like this

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I want Chinese Doughnuts!!! o_0

Sean said...

yeah, devil's curry is one of my favourite hometown dishes. makes me proud to be malaccan. :D
your post reminded me of the wonderful curries and veggie dishes that my grandmother and aunts used to make. it's been too long since i had a home-cooked meal...

Chaokar said...

with all these food, I am willing to be your father. Now hand me all tho food son. haha

gfad said...

Wahhh.. up til now, we are still talking abt your burfday ah? Must have been such a memorable one. :)

Hey, thks for the link to the e-books! I've downloaded a few relevant ones and will read them later. *hugs*

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I think you ate up my share of the donuts.

evan 이벤젤린 said...

oh woaaaah your pics look very editorial, nic!!! haha. i LOVE the pic of the foochow red wine chicken with mee sua and the lemon meringue tartlets! OMG, totally breathtaking lorrrrrr!

btw, can i sit with u on the 23rd? :D

J2Kfm said...

Chinese doughnuts? *_*
what's so chinese bout them leh?
what a feast, to occupy half a day. the other half working out i assume?

ladyironchef said...

I like the looks of the tomato mee! And the meringue, can i have one? haha. How come the doughnut call chinese doughnut? got race one eh :p

Sugar Bean said...

So many delicious home made food! A very nice celebration you had! Wonder how does Chinese doughnuts taste like. Looks tempting!

CUMI & CIKI said...

nic! the colors r gorrrrgeous! didja tweek? they shld gt u 2write for mags man :P

Nic (KHKL) said...

selba, Happy Mother's Day to your momma too! ;D read your post and u did a very sweet thing! *clap clap* the redness of the mee does look appetising, doesnt it? ;D

snow white, glad u made it to the brunch. you are welcome on the lift! ;D wish i had uploaded all the pics but too huge la. later difficult to download..hehe...

550ml jar of faith, awwww, it's the thought that counts, babe! ;D and every day is mother's day lah, as long as we treat them well. yupe, bring her out for a dinner! i'm sure she'll like that! ;D

qwazymonkey, hehehehe, i got about5, i think. must thank all my friends for the wonderful times. you and McCutie too, of course! ;D

btw, i realise that u are such a breakfast person! i am so envious of you lah!! if only i can have the appetite to have breakfast. hmmm...i shd start with nasi lemak tomoro! ;D

the nomadGourmand, hahaha, u realised as well! ;D yupe, actually, i wanted to wait for the right time to post this. it's definitely great cos it marked my first Flavours magazine and my first time at the Just Heavenly boys' home. oh, and my first taste of their fabulous cake as well!

unkaleong, not to forget the alcoholic jellos as well! haha! too bad we had prior appointments hor, that day. if not, we woulda stayed on and party til midnight! haha!

and yes, it's the May-June edition of Flavours. out oredi la. i got it last sunday at a newsweek stand. ;D

sc, me too, me too! haha! the redness of the dishes are so appetising to me..hehe. oh, the doughnuts too! i shud make it up by having a good lunch later..hehe

mimi, haha! more reasons to have a good lunch today! ;D ;D yeah, the tomato mee was interesting. kinda reminded me of a mixture of spaghetti bolognaise and mee jawa. just the right dish for lunch! ;D

Nic (KHKL) said...

ai wei, haha, u have a point there! actually, there are more dishes served that day. just that i din upload the pics. they are in Flavours, though. ;D

actually, we oso din celebrate mother's day in a grand way. just the normal dinner and mum's favourite pizza joint. a good way to gather the family too, me thinks.

bangsar-babe, me too, me too! hahaha! i wonder if Just Heavenly is selling this. it should be a hit la, me thinks.

sean, thanks for stopping by, dude! u r a Malaccan? awesome! i had the best laksa there! not forgetting the other hawkerfares! home-cooked meals are the best, arent they? all the right ingredients catered to suit our tastebuds. plus some TLC as well! ;D

chaokar, HAHAHA! dude, i think i am older than you la. so, i shd be your daddy. so, for a start, celebrate my day next month with your awesome bbq picnic! heheheh...

gfad, yupe yupe! it was indeed memorable. from cakes to dim sums to songs, it was a blast! hope you'll find something good in those e-books. hope u r well and see ya! ;D

lyrical lemongrass, aiyoh, where got la, dear. i had one only. it was the meringue that i had more than one..hehe..i'm sure u had at least one of the donuts la. very light and sweet stuff. i likez. ;D

evan 이벤젤린, thanks evan!! ;D me too! i like the foochow red wine chicken pic the best! ;D i was surprised with that shot as well! i guess white bowls are photogenic la. ;D thanks again! ;D

hahaha, of course u can sit with me on the 23rd la. i hope the lighting's good..hehehehe..

j2kfm, interesting thought. well, i guess the difference lies in the texture la. it's so much lighter than the usual ones we get from the donut joints. as for the chinese part, beats me. hmmm, perhaps it's the usage of coarse sugar? wild guess here..hehe..well, i wish i could follow the other "half day" regime but instead of working out, i slept...omg, i'm a sloth! hehe

ladyironchef, yeah, the meringue was very, very nice. sweet with a nice zing from the lemon filling. i totally digged it! twice..hehe..as for the chinese doughnuts, haha, i have no idea, dude. but sure darn yummy! ;D

sugar bean, yupe yupe, there were plenty of good food that day. home-cooked style. ;D the doughnuts were very light and slighty crunchy (coarse sugar). yummy! and the bite-sizes made them even more addictive!

cumi & ciki, thank kew, thank kew! ;D i like 'em very much too! ;D yupe, i tweeked a bit cos was a bit glaring that day. ;D me with mags? hahaha! u sweet of you la! but i think my standard not there la. but i'm surely high on my shiok sendiri-ness. ;D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

My dad called me today and asked me why I didn't get mum flowers on Mother's Day. I told him..."But appa, everyday is Mother's Day to me...." I don't think he bought it. Moral of the story...cannot con parents. If you forgot, say you forgot. kekeke. (I better go shopping tonite for a big box of chocolates)

backStreetGluttons said...

These could well be the missing menu Nazib-Ba & Gang Most Dirty forgot ( intentionally or ignorantly) when they put asunder the fake 1Malaysia...

Lucky such things never escape you , nay it invigotstes you !

We look forward to Bachelors' Day n Night 2009(soon)

Jason said...

Got the issue of Flavours. Love the content! ^^

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wonderful brunch/lunch and for some tea/dinner/supper hor..

had to play squash in the afternoon to burn half of it off..

Nic (KHKL) said...

lyrical lemongrass, yeah, parents know best. there's a way out lor, actually. bring them out for makan wayyy before those dates and tell them that bcos u love them so much, u decided to celebrate it before everyone else. then, on mother's day, u dun hafta do anything already la..hehehe...omg, i am such a bad influence!!!

go get a box of chocolate! ;D

backstreetgluttons, hahaha! conspiracies (aka forgots) are everywhere, arent they? happens in families as well. but the important thing is to convince the people..but people oso very smart now...so, that's yay! and make us more aware of the important dates. bachelor's day and night 2009?? when? when? count me in, team!! ;D

jason, yay! it was my first issue..hehe...yeah, i lurve the photographs in flavours. very well taken! the contents are quite interesting as well. ;D

joe, brunch/tea for me..hehe....omg, u can still play squash after ALL that food ar? wah liao wei! i had an hour break between the party and dinner that day. *faint* haha

ling239 said...

satay without the sticks... cool ~ ^_^

Nic (KHKL) said...

ling239, haha! gotta love the satay sauce cos it was different. saltier than sweet. the chicken was very well cooked too! ;D

fatboybakes said...

what an appropriately timed post....nice pic of you hairy berry, in flavours!!! ah, looking at all JHPs food makes me drool all over again. DROOOOOOOL.

Nic (KHKL) said...

fatboybakes, yikes! how come i forgot to reply your comment ar? sowry! well, the bokeh-ed me was definitely better that a clear pic la. me orc mah..haha! as for the food, ya lor, i miss the doughnuts too! such a good time we had, hor?