Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alexis (Tiramisu)

Yes, it's the infamous Tiramisu from Alexis. I didn't know that Alexis serves good desserts until I read some reviews from other Malaysian floggers. I have yet to make contact with them but I'll do it real soon.

Since I was tasked to get a birthday cake for Aunt Yvonne, I wanted to get something avant garde. Something new (for my family and I) and interestingly delicious. The first cake that came to my mind was Alexis' Tiramisu.

I ordered the cake via telephone (it actually worked!) and got it picked up at Bangsar Shopping Centre a few hours before dinner.

The first impression of the cake was how fragrant the nuts were when we opened the lid of the box. With that, I already knew that I was heading for something really good.

Everyone enjoyed the cake and concluded that it was very well done but was a tad too sweet. I thought the sweetness level was just right.

Since I was busy playing around with my camera, I didn't really have time to analyse the cake and therefore, decided to "ta pau" or pack an extra slice for breakfast later.

And I'm glad I did because it tasted even better in the morning. Here's my "2-cents worth" analysis.

Unlike other Tiramisus, this one was coated with a layer of caramelized mixed nuts (almond and peanuts). A very good contrast to the rich inner layers of the Tiramisu.

Below the layer of caramelized nuts was the sponge cake dipped in coffee and cognac. The smell and taste of both the coffee and cognac was mild but still significant. The sponge cake was also not too moist nor soft. Great texture. Compared to the first piece I had the night before, this piece tasted more flavourful. Deeper infusion of liquor and coffee, perhaps?

Sandwiched between the layers of sponge cake were chocolate flakes mixed with mascarpone. The tangy flavour of the mascarpone blended well into the whole Tiramisu ensemble.

Overall, a very good buy (2.2 kg - RM115.50, tax included) and tasted like a little piece of Heaven. Definitely the best Tiramisu I've tried so far. I also read from other blogs that the Tiramisu was supplied by Suchan. Will definitely visit Suchan to confirm this.

There are not many dishes (in this case, desserts) that leave a lingering taste on your mind after awhile but as I write this post (about 2 weeks later), I am still salivating, thinking about the cake. Enough said. Better check whose birthday is coming up next!

Check out this website for more information on Alexis.


=DeNIsE= said...

Hi there,Denise here.
I was planning to get a whole tiramisu for Xmas.
Do u know how much it'll cost?
How would they pack the sauce?

Will appreciate if u can reply asap,
my email

=DeNIsE= said...

sorry, have read thoroughly again...saw the price already.
Will call and see if the price has increase.

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