Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sun With Moon @ The Central, Clarke Quay

That night...

...the bands of clouds danced to Jupiter’s twirling rhythm...
...as the moon paraded her most brilliant of luminescence...
...while the dragon swallowed the sun...

...he greeted his first solar eclipse.

He asked of the celestial, “show me your power, for I am fearless of darkness”.
Prove your worthiness! For only then, shall I bow before thee!

As the sun and moon intertwined, darkness loomed.

The mortal was led to a supposedly state of elevation.

Of divinity.

Foie Gras Lettuce (S$18.80)
Stepping into the heavenly gate, he met the alluring teriyaki foie gras canape, which was based with a crispy, thick slice of baguette. The sweet/savoury teriyaki sauce enveloped the rich foie gras in the most interesting of ways. But if it’s true, then divinity should be of more foie gras and thinner baguettes, he whispered.

Sashimi Mori (S$38.80)
With presentation to impress the Gods, the mortal stole a taste of the thickest slices of sake, hamachi, maguro and kajiki he has ever seen in his life. If freshness was the way to longevity, then he would need more of these, including the firm ebi and hotate.

Pork Kamameshi (S$16.80)
As part of the divine experience, there was a test of patience. It came in form of an hourglass (with black sand) to indicate the time required before the mortal was allowed to unlid the magical pot to reveal the secret of the moon. The reward was nothing but mere slices of salted grilled pork or kalbi amongst other ingredients. Though the grains of rice were fluffy, divinity tasted almost bland. Or was that zen?

Umeshiso Gyoza (S$13.80)
It called out to him in the faintest of taste. These pork dumplings, which were supposed to be made of plum and perilla leaves, were everything ordinary. Did he not get the subtly enlightening taste of both the plum and perilla leaves or was his soul still profane?

Avocado Soft Shell Roll (S$12.80)
The sweet soft shelf crab, rich avocado and sticky rice constellation was beautiful, almost resembled the intertwining Mars and Venus. While the bursting tobiko provided a beautiful background, like little drops of Jupiter.

Matcha Ice (S$3.50), Goma Ice (S$4.50)
The taste of the green tea and black sesame etched a black hole in his mind. Which warped back to the days of smoother, richer ice cream at Azabu Sabo. Though flavoursome, these lacked refinement in terms of texture. He missed the real world. His home.

Murasaki Imo Monburan (S$6.50)
The strands of purple sweet potato lacing the custard cream was beautiful. Sitting on a tart shell and crowned with chestnust, she was gorgeous. Like a dessert from another galaxy, this cosmic girl stole his imagination with her heavenly body.

With the first ray of light, he knew he had to get back. To where he belonged. He understood this sad passing as much as the fated theory of relativity.

As he descended to the quay from his dark state of mind, he smiled.

Knowing that when darkness falls, there might be a chance the sun will again, be with the moon.

And there he’ll be. Feasting once more, to the state of divinity.

Sun with Moon
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: (+65) 65347784

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Restoran Sri Kortumalai

A supposedly retrospective food crawl over the mid-autumn festival weekend has been reduced to a post about a lunch which took place a good few months back.

I guess my good friend has now settled down in London.

The lunch we had was nothing spectacular. Nor was it bad. Just that we had tasted superlatives in Brickfields before. But had we known that we were already on our way towards our goals in different parts of the world during that particular lunch, we would have talked less about the hottest babe at Karma the night before and more on…well, who wore the least fabrics.

Then again, we did enjoy the crunchy, fried bittergourd slices. I bet they would have gone well with our beers the night before.

I’m still regretting over the fact that minor immigration issues deprived us an opportunity to celebrate, get drunk and of course, taste a good dry curry chicken (like the one at Sri Paandi’s) before he left KL. The chicken at Kortumalai’s was rather tough despite the nice charred aroma. And globalisation is not so globalised afterall.

It’s amazing how time motioned in the most ironic of ways. While it took forever to get an opportunity like this, preparation prior to the departure date was restricted to a timeframe of no longer than a game of bottle caps. Yes, that game we played in primary school. And the tangy fish curry drenched rice I think he’ll be reminiscing as he bites into another piece of wholemeal bread sandwich near St. James Park.

As we discussed the nonsensical belligerencies haunting our society, we felt the jaded souls within ourselves. Which was somehow physically similar to the soft okra, bittergourd and green mustard leaf bits presented on the banana leaves in front of us. Only tastier, these. But he felt that something can be done. He was braver than me.

“I wonder if that Indian rice stall next to Sky View is still around”, I asked as I tasted Kortumalai’s curry mutton. He shrugged. Though tender and spicy, I couldn’t help but compared it to the absolutely, delectably soft, boneless curry mutton I had back in those school days at a nameless stall along the busy Jalan Sentul. Food, like all things, tasted better in the olden days. And cheaper as well.

A Sunday lunch at Kortumalai’s or Brickfields, in general, is a relaxing affair. Complete with newspapers and a glass of sweet mango lassi. As we folded the banana leaves towards ourselves (as a sign of respect and satisfaction) we spoke of hopes and aspirations.

And when you wish and work hard enough, you may just get what you want. Deservingly.

So, my macha bro, best of luck in your undertaking. I hope to see your name next to Kofi Annan's and Ban Ki Moon's one day.

And if you can, please bring back the forgotten curry mutton. We desperately need it, especially at distasteful times like these.

Consider this post my farewell treat.

Restoran Sri Kortumalai
No. 215A, Jalan Tun Sambanthan
50470 Brickfields
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+603) 22737728

* The above meal cost RM21.60, for 2 pax *

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

J.Co Donuts & Coffee

He told me about you.

You needed the money.
And I had an urge.

Yes, we were both desperately lonely that night.

Friends will be laughing their Rses off.
If they ever find out.

I was quick, wasn't I?

Hush now.

First, a taste of the skin. Followed by the savoury alizarin crimson meat.

We tried many and you seemed to know. To know Japanese macha zensates me.

As I nibbled, I knew the time has come. For your climaxing specialty.

You were good at it.

And you left in the morning.

With a kiss of honey sweet glaze. Still moist.


I had fun.


Mona Pisa (S$1.30) – cheese and chicken sausage donut
Miss Green T (S$1.30) - green tea donut
Alcapone (S$1.30) – Belgian chocolate, Californian almonds donut
Glazzy (S$1.20) - sweet honey glazed donut


J.Co Donuts & Coffee
Bugis Junction
Tel: (+65) 68847412
(Informative) Website: http://www.jcodonuts.com/

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New York, New York

I imagined a little as I read the headline today.

"Stocks soar on plan for US$500b lifeboat".

The cider of the Big Apple seemed to have sweetened a bit, I sniggered at my bad joke.

Wall Street has become the centre of attraction yet again, after a recent lacklustre trading season which lasted quite a number of months. Well, in fact, NYC has been quite quiet after Godzilla stampeded the city, hasn’t it?

Oh yes, NYC. Madison Square Garden, Central Park, Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty, big yellow taxis and Carrie Bradshaw’s endless complaints (someone stop her, please) of the mathematically derivable relationship equation. We all have a memorable slice of the Big Apple pie, don’t we?

But do we really remember munching anything distinctively New York? No, McDonald’s and Subway don’t count.

If it was true, then I must have had a taste of New York the day I paid my annual e-pilgrimage to Comex. Yes, gadgets turn me on. So do words. And food.

Hoping to be serenaded by Sinatra’s New York, New York and Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind, I got lots of Rihanna, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown instead. Not that it was a bad thing though. That got me wondered if modernity is the food of New York.

The Meat Platter for 2 was a serious affair. We are talking about pork ribs, roast chicken, chicken cigars, baked beans, corn on cobs, coleslaw and potato wedges on a platter that could fit a whole cow’s head. Do not attempt this if your eating partner is the type that can’t even finish half a plate of chicken rice (I believe some children can do better).

The golden hue of the assorted meat was appetizing while the taste did not totally disappoint. Biting into the pork ribs was a flavoursome affair with tender meat absorbing all the salt, I mean spices. To wallop half a chicken each was quite a challenge when beneath the aromatic skin was nothing but bland white meat. The keywords to success were determination and ketchup. Cooked to the right moment of tenderness though. Billy Joel, get outta my mind now! Whatever batang-like object you call it, KFC to me, still tops when it comes to crispy strips. The crunch, the taste, the aroma, the stroke. Ahhh.. This version, though flavourful (with chili dipping), was rather hard. Despite the generality, for S$36.90, it was definitely value-for-money. No doubt about that.

Now I remember vaguely that New York is famous for its cheesecake. Or is it mudpie? Though I enjoyed the warmness of the chocolate fudge drenching the chocolate pie (S$7.90), I didn’t quite like the dryness of the pie. Give it a bit more butter for that smoothness and I’ll be humming Moon River. The scoop of vanilla ice-cream was a nice touch though, giving the dessert a bit of that ‘yin and yang’ness.

Fastfood chains have been proclaiming the healthiness of their meals but I don't believe that constipation can be prevented with the amount of fiber I’m getting from them two slices of green. Nor can I prevent a runny nose from the amount Vitamin C in the dessert. So, when a peach jello glacier (which the menu claimed was diet friendly) was ordered, I kind of knew what to expect. And I was right. Crushed ice with syrup and some fruits at S$6.90. By the way, I didn’t order that. So, yeah.

If New York, New York was really New York, then I guess New York is all about magnitude, convenience, complex carbohydrate and immensity of taste.

I’m a not diggin’ it too much, but it’s kinda cool.


*Munching fries and chips while typing this and watching business news*

New York, New York
No. 1, Raffles Link
Singapore 039393
Tel: (+65) 63419695

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Min Huang Restaurant


...Love is like a travelogue,
the riddles of it that I will solve...
...Gazing the shimmering teardrops on the crescent moon bay,
forgotten on the steps of the Silk Road...

It was only until earlier today, when MTV China was showing a Mid Autumn Festival special, that I began to rediscover F.I.R. Their catchy, oriental tune called 月牙湾 (crescent moon bay) caught my attention, as I was reading about the turbulences surrounding us.

It’s funny how we tend to stereotype certain things in life, isn’t it? When F.I.R. broke into the scene a few years back, I was not a bit excited. Wannabe, I thought. Too much resemblance to Do As Infinity. Even Every Little Thing. And as 月牙湾 keeps playing in my mind now, I realize that they do have a musical direction of their own. And it’s brilliant. Silly me.

Oh, and lead singer Faye’s pretty pretty too, don’t you agree?

Just like the eateries in Taman Usahawan Kepong. To a point, I believe I described all these colourful restaurants bearing interesting names as kitschy. Then, came along a lovely blogger called Mimi who started introducing mouth-watering restaurants in this area, one after another. It was then I came to know what I’ve been missing. Thanks, Mimi.

First on my list was Min Huang. I must say that it was their steamed bun with custard/salted egg filling (RM3.60 for 2 buns) that attracted me. Not exactly runny, but it was definitely flavoursome, the filling. The richness of the salted eggs is worth mentioning.

A 5% service charge aside, the complimentary salad consisted of cucumber strips dressed in soy sauce and sesame oil was refreshing. Beats having peanuts, anytime.

Ask me not why of all the noodle dishes, I had chosen the Shanghai-style fried mung bean sheets (RM4.20). But if you ask me how it tasted, I will say ho jiak (delicious)! Being Shanghainese cuisine illiterate, I couldn’t help but find it similar to our beloved char kway teow. Perhaps that’s what globalization is all about. The mildly charred sheets were absolutely aromatic. Loved it.

Another Shanghainese dish, the xiao long bao (RM6.00 for 3 pieces) was surprisingly good as well. The skin was rather thin and the melted, jellied lard oozed with a subtly sweet and savoury flavour. Let’s not make comparisons and just enjoy these tasty morsels since a meal at the nearest branded xiao long bao restaurant costs another RM1.60 (one way) more for just using the LDP.

The only disappointment perhaps, was the steamed char siew bao (RM3.20 for 2 buns). Though came steaming hot, the bun was slightly crumbly while the filling was bland, despite the moist texture.

For dessert, the fried avocado paste wrapped with kataifi (RM5.00 for 2 pieces). With the crunchy kataifi strands complementing the sweet, smooth avocado paste, it was nice. Like how 月牙湾's melancholic music video motioned to the beautiful melody of the song. It’s good to know that there are desserts beyond lotus paste puffs for dim sum.

I’ll be back to try a few more signature dishes. As for F.I.R., there’s always YouTube.

Here’s wishing everyone a Mid Autumn Festival of peace and joy.

Min Huang Restaurant
12, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 3
Taman Usahawan Kepong
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+603) 62587996

Check out Mimi’s review here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Izakaya Nijumaru

I believe grayness has unraveled. Perhaps it’s a daily ritual, as darkness falls. If the walls could talk, they would have asked to be repainted with livelihood. And the escalators would love to dance once again.

Nagomi, Nishiki, Kushigin, Kazu.

This must be a Japanese enclave.

None of those neon vivacities of Shinjuku nor Shibuya but rather, dim lighting from small restaurants that almost coincides with the fatigued spirits of salarymen, after a hard day’s work. Offering opportunities for baseball talks, Nihon Shimbun and a hearty meal, this is where the heart should be. Home.

We wanted to be a part of home. For a taste of home. So, we referred to the best and just let the beaten soul rest. Hence, Izakaya Nijumaru.

The two thick slabs of grilled eel; though slightly tough, were worth coming home to. With a dense, sweet soy based dressing to coat the rice, every bit was as flavourfully moist as ever. It was part of the Unajyu Bento Set (S$20.00) which also consisted of a mini sashimi platter, miso soup, side salad and preserved radish slices.

When enjoying the freshness of the sea bream, salmon and tuna slices as they melt in the mouth, we should smile and say.....umai.

And when a taste of home calls for commonness, the Nijumaru Bento Set (S$18.00) clearly represents it all. There’s the braised pork belly. The main attraction that definitely did not gain our affection. Soft it was not and the braising sauce could have been slightly saltier. Even a touch of mustard couldn’t perk up the tastebuds.

The grilled mackerel, tempura prawn and mini sashimi platter completed the proportionally satisfying bento set.

Perhaps something that can be done at home, these thick pieces of flaky Salmon Wrapped With Bacon (S$12.00). A solid special of the day.

Nijumaru was home for the generous portions, coziness, authenticity and regularity.

And maybe that’s the reason why we need to eat out sometimes.

Izakaya Nijumaru
5 Koek Road
#02-10/12 Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796
Tel: (+65) 62356693/62354857

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

When they met...
Constellations of thoughts collided,
resulting in a spectacular fall of sakura petals.

When they spoke...
The surrounding seemed bleak,
like the withering leaves amongst striking, ripe yuzus.

When they ate...
They spoke of fresh sashimi;
of firm hotate and hamachi,
of rich sake and maguro,
of crunchy akagai,
of tough otoro silence.

When they yearned for more...
An encapsulation of crispy fried prawns with salmon and avocado teased their senses.

And when they left...
Wishes were for a beautiful autumn,
and another good harvest...

...of Yuzu.

Yuzu Moriwase (RM150)
King Prawn Roll (RM28)

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
T236, 3rd Floor
The Gardens Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 22847663/22847763

Click here for a review on Yuzu by Christine and links to reviews by other food bloggers.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ma Miso Black Cod, Ma Miso Black Cod, Ya taste so soft and milky, Ya make me say Gawd!Life is certainly...a weekend extravaganza.I don’t like fruits with body odour.We washed our hands.So, what's real anymore?I heart my liver.A celebration of life indeed.Perhaps inspiration does not always translate into rhymes and reasons.Like makeup sex, the S$28 dinner (for two) was very much satiating.Malaysians, the naturally gifted badminton players had no problem with zapping them flies with the e-racquets.An enhancement that distinguishes the inspired from the required.It’s all about indulgences.And it made mine, well, like being touched for the very first time lor.Though simple, I believe KLites prefer to pay for convenience these days, which is a pity, actually.Strike while it’s still cold, really.I certainly didn't expect my coming resulted in a blown-out-of-orgasmic proportion experience.For you are worth every moment of this torment.A masterpiece perpetually engraved on the beautiful body of a centuries-old vase.Awesome! or Awesome??In my next life, if I ever get reincarnated in a non-human form (thanks to my impressive repertoire of committed sins), I wish to return as a man's best friend.The teary-eyed good ones and the humorously bad ones.The foie gras basically melted in the mouthm, releasing an aromatic flavour, leaving everyone with a smile on the face.Soft as clouds you see, Sweet as her lips can be.It almost felt like a wedding of an arranged marriage.Talk about the fast lane, huh? I was on overdrive that night.With the truffle salsa scent alluring, A sexciting bruschetta awaitingIt acts as a pulmonary artery, sending workforce and leisure seekers to the pulsating beat of the city and vice versa, much like the function of the pulmonary vein.And yet, you like to engage in that little dirty conversation once in awhile.Self-indulgences.For locals, it’s a reminder of the food that made them who they are today.And most of all, a heritage.Accentuating. But how disappointing, you were not soft.Despite some stains and silly mistakes, I thought my virginal do was quite satisfying.If tranquility is the green of the mind and trees are nowhere to be found through your window, the matcha latte may come in handy.Alone in his room he writes, Missing home, a song he cites.Perhaps there are 48 hours on Sundays.My first KL restaurant post!Shall we, sugar?Colleagues have been telling me about this bakery for the longest time but somehow, I can never find the time to break the belt.I drowned with fear, I rose with cheer, A golden brown sphere, His praise I hear.Like the infatuation for Sundays, we often overlook what’s right in front of us.Perhaps we should learn a thing or two from Nature.Thank you.Who knows what tomorrow will bring?The Chinaman in me was reluctant to dine al-fresco at first, as we do pay for the air-conditioning afterall.Just one piece and I left it to XLB to proceed with her sacrificial ritual.You just have to enter, not too deep, and offer a kind word or two.The price of siu yoke usually hikes up during Chinese festivals; therefore, we really treasure this dish.Theory of relativity, law of attraction,chemistry, the black hole, karma, destiny, Chumbawamba, Kawabunga or whatever you call it, I am always drawn to Marmalade Kafe whenever I’m in Bangsar Village 2, even when I'm not looking for healthy, comfort food.A comfortably lonely word.Perhaps only simplistic dishes are cooked in real apartments.A Maggie Q.Like todayIt’s the time when you can’t differentiate between breakfast & supper or ramen & la mian.I have always been fascinated, intrigued, irritated and inspired by bloggers and their blogs.like underwear, one will wear this recollection to carry out one’s mundane routine, providing comfort and support in more ways than one.There's something pretentious about it, I feel.For everything.A thick skin he wished he had this afternoon.Somewhere between dial-ups and broadbands.Who would have thought that a piece of pandan (screwpine) leave and a dainty white chrysanthemum could go so well together?When was the last time Robbie Williams had a real great hit?Here, at Ma Maison, my house.Your blood never felt so fresh.For the mains, an interesting observation was the ability of the dishes to complement each other, in an arbitrary manner.A good Delhi Belly at that.Dan jangan kita lupa bahawa kepimpinan itu cuma pendorong dan kewarasan serta kematangan minda masih menentukan arah tujuan hidup kita.I wish her well.Perfection = Taste + Aroma + TextureMy tastebuds are laughing at me.Black Tie, White LieWhats even harder is a chance to reminisce those good old days of Cantopop with your long-time friends.I guess I will never know until I find what I have been looking for.As weekends are more or less similar to a RM50 pre-paid reload these days, (in true kiasuism fashion) should we make full of the 2880 minutes by catching up on things/people we missed or should we save up our qi (or credit) and just chill, and enjoy the tranquility away?The smell of butter was haunting, as I unwrapped your skimpiest of sheets.A few minutes ago, I was still in dreamland, having an intimate moment with my maguro sashimi and I was about to devour it.Filgrimages (food pilgrimages) are paid to Geylang whenever time permits.Turns 1 today.If the quality of everything else local is as good as this, I'm all game for it.But let us continue to celebrate this festival that provides us with good food, not just for the stomach, but also for the soul.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kedai Makan Kok Heng

It takes a post to remember the last time I had a proper dinner in a restaurant with relatives. Yes, this post. Those were the days of (almost) regimental family dinners and the (very) young ones would detest at the idea, citing the other rascals’ ugly faces as the main reason for the reluctance to dine in the same restaurant or table. I wonder if the kids of today still feel the same.

Growing up in the 90s (ok, late 80s), Chinese dishes like honey lemon chicken and marmite spare ribs were novelties and kids loved them. These days, they are as common as sweet and sour pork with white rice. International flavours have stamped their presence in the local dai chow (tze char) scene and is ever expanding. Kids can now choose from cod fish with teriyaki sauce to champagne/red wine ribs to butter prawns/crab/pork to fried pork with wasabied mayonnaise, the list just goes on and on. And how about the endless provincial Chinese dishes making their way to our mouths faster than their glorious gold medals sweep at the Olympics, which ended two few weeks back?

Heck, even new breeds of local fishes (and chicken) are swimming (flying) towards the tables of our local, friendly dai chow stalls at an impressive Phelpish speed.

Yes, the creative, wonderful world of MSG-laden dai chow! Sky’s the limit.

All these thoughts were sparked by the dinner I had at Kok Heng, a Chinese dai chow restaurant in Kepong (with a branch in Bentong) which specializes in freshwater fish from the Pahang rivers.

Just basic flavourings and aromatics like garlic, dried shrimps and bird eye chilies plus a massive amount of heat for the wok hei will make a good stir-fry dish. Chaotic deliciousness. Of course when you have crunchy fallopian tubes from sows for texture, it called an elevation. Think of it as intestines, if it makes you feel better.

The Japanese have their chawan mushis, Westerners perfected their soufflés while the Chinese came up the simplest yet most flavoursome of them all, steamed egg. Preserved century eggs, mushroom cubes and garlic oil were added for that little luxury in taste yet maintaining a relatively cheaper price than its counterparts.

I grew up to believe that snakeheads (haruan) are best to be stir-fried with ginger and scallion (unless it is boiled for the medicinal purposes) for the freshness in taste and to get rid of the earthy smell of the fish. Definitely a more affordable choice than its fellow saltwater swimmers.

What in the world is a GuangXi (广西) chicken? I assume that everything 广(expansive) should be good. Take the Cantonese cuisine from Guangdong (广东) for example. Deliciousness at its finest. So the GuangXi chicken was good. An immense rush of taste of ginger, soya sauce, cilantro and certain unidentifiable ingredients triggered the tastebuds. Rather tough chicken aside, it was flavourful. When came the dipping sauce, it was like adding an exclamation mark to a sentence of BLOCK letters. Consisted of what was presumed as a mix of fermented bean paste, scallion, cilantro and ginger, it definitely added a sense of freshness to the chicken.

But of course we should be proud of our very own steamed assam (tamarind) tilapia as well. With a tinge of heat, the sourish sauce was as ballistic as it could get, regardless of the freshness of the fish, which in this case, was rather fresh. The measure of a good assam sauce, I feel, is one where it makes you jerk, mentally, while the physical composure remains. It’s all in the subtlety of taste, like many other things.

For the richness of the evaporated milk and sourness of the tomatoes, fish head noodles remain as one of the local dishes (Malaysia and Singapore) that I truly enjoy. Preserved vegetable is optional but the zing of ginger slices should prevail, minimal at least. And disappointment was far and away, with a good soup base and al dente bee hoon (rice vermicelli). The absence of liquor was a pity though.

When we talk about the compulsory vegetable for fibre, we are not kidding. The starchy ones like sweet potato leaves are even better for they provide lubrication as well. Fresh, slightly charred plus aroma from the garlic, the greens are usually the underdogs to the red heroes. The rascals did not understand this, until the day they forced it into their children’s mouths.

The inevitable thirstiness was felt to an extent but sometimes, it might not be solely due to the monosodium glutamate but the aggressive, continuous conversations (cursings included) as well.

A typically good Chinese dinner with the relatives.
In a commendable restaurant with speedy service.

Something to look forward to, now that the Olympics is over.

Kedai Makan Kok Heng
No. 10, Jalan Burung Pucung
Taman Bukit Maluri
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+6012) 4022959, (+6012) 928 9231, (+6012) 289 2959