Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tell-A-Tale (Part 16): The Silence Of The Beans

Okayama, 2008.

Shiori was never a friend.
But I was slightly hungry.
And mostly curious.
So, I ate her.

I remember our hot bath.
She looked helpless.
Submission is such a delicious word.

Run? Hide?
These hands will be gentle.
Caressing with a lullaby.

Beautiful adornment.
That smooth touch of epidermis.
That ever slight friction.
Kimi no perfect tone.

I could have done it at the kaiten.
But it would have been less fun, wouldn't it?
I'm glad you came.
For my little game.

Hush now.
What you can't see scares you the most.
But the melodies of the blades will sooth you.
Twirl to the rhythm of the rotation.
Dance! Dance! Dance!
Don't scream, for it's painful to my ear, dear.

It’ll end soon, I promise.

Your blood never felt so fresh.
And silence was that sweet taste of you.

Arigato, my Shiori-chan.
You were oishi.

(Blended, boiled Edamame milk with syrup)


Kenny Mah said...

Aiyo, Makcik Limaurumput berhaiku... you also the same ah? With the kacang hijau also.

Coincidence? I think not...

P.S. Technically, yours just verse, not haiku, right. So I'm less adverse and simply lost and cuckoo... :P

ling239 said...

yer.... why look like a vampire post de >.<"

fatboybakes said...

see la, the master at work....who else can give such an aura of mystery to the simple edamame!!! for some reason though, the silence of the beans kept make me thinking of flatulence in a big way!!!! all these big words, what's HAIKU ah? i know what's HAI, and KU la.... but those are two words, and in two different languages.

J2Kfm said...

blend them with syrup?!!!
how does it taste like?
imagine the pungent chlorophyll scent ... eurgh ...

sc said...

just hopped over from lemongrass and hey, another bean story! but your's are much darker though.. *shivers* hehehe

Christine said...

making beanny looks so artistic..definetely need some in depth thinking to appreciate the words..haha

Live2Talk said...

Hmm delicious bean ... what were you thinking when you licked your lips in the end?

Jun said...

i bet ur guts ain't so silent after all that beans XD

wmw said...

??? Lost in the darkness....hahaha...

choi yen said...

The last photo with knife 1 look so scary lah....don frighten me ..cannot sleep at night lor :(

HairyBerry said...

kenny, berhaiku?...haha, i like that word! actually, i dont know much about haikus. too deep for this me lar..hehehe....and yupe, mine's not haiku... ;D

coincidence? hmmm..... heheheh

ling239, HAHAHA! in conjunction with the 7th month mah...hehehe...it was a sudden decision to do edmamame one...hehehe...

fatboybakes, aiyoh, where got master-master one? i thought it'll be fun to inject a little horror into my mundane life. haha! what does silence of the beans got to do with farts ar? imagine hannibal lecter farting while being interviewed by clarice starling...hahaha! yeah, i know HAI. and KU as well. sounds better when they are joint hor? so the yin and yang...hehehe

j2kfm, oh, syrup here refers to sugar+water. sorta like tong sui. i thought of that chlorophyll scent as well. so, it's best to boil it after blending, to get rid of that greeny scent. apparently, it work! it tasted like green tea flavoured soy bean milk. not too bad, actually.

sc, hehehe, technically, yeah, mine's darker. was inspired by the 7th month, hannibal lecter and dark knight's joker. i must write a happier post d next time..haha!

christine, oh, dont worry about those words. some are very shiok-sendiri (self indulging) one. i'm gila-gila a bit..hehehe...but i did have a fun time shooting the beans though.. ;)

live2talk, hmmmm, interesting question? what was i thinking? hmmmmm....thinking of you lor ;)hehehe..seriously, i was relieved that the milk turned out to be rather nice. afterall, the beans cost be about RM8. better not waste, right? ;D

jun, hehehe...actually, i was expecting frequent visits to the jamban after the drink. but surprisingly, i was OK. the fibres weren't doing a good job. or perhaps my body produces an unknown enzyme....*whistling x-files tune*

wmw, oh, i was reading this book where they said that one is frightened when one cannot see what's ahead...or something liddat lar...so, i thought it'll be interesting to include that here...darkness can be fun something also, right? hehehe... ;D

mimi, you got a good sleep or not yesterday night? hehehe....i hope no nightmares... ;D and i thought a knife would be more interesting that a spoon mah...or even a fork ;D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Nice B&W pics. I like how you went with the story and the darkness and the knife at the end. I'm beginning to love horror. :-P

Xiu Long Bao said...

jee, who on earth will come out with such eery recipe for edamame...

hehe...and I finished up all the edamame last nite :)

Weekend Peach said...

Pic 1 - looks like guinness stout.
Pic 2 - looks like aliens festering before they explode from their pods.
Pic 3 - my grandfather's pockmarked skin.

~Christine~Leng said...

ooo.... a dark story... I like... ;P
u always manage to make things interesting. even just..... beans...

Jan said...

i love the phrase
"your blood never felt so fresh"
it's so tempting that im going to taste it!!

Big Boys Oven said...

wah! such a prestige kacang hijau that turns into gold! amazing!

HairyBerry said...

lyrical lemongrass, thank you, thank you, thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it! oh, you want horror? a glimpse of my messy table will scare the daylight out of ya! hehehe...

xiu long bao, aiyoh, you mean you still after that mussels dinner ar? i thought you say full already one? ;P hehehehe...

weekend peach,
pic 1 - agree
pic 2 - you can read my mind
pic 3 - you must be joking :p

christine, hehehe, thanks for the compliment. i like to do weird things sometimes...hehehe...

jan, woah! i didnt know you have a blog as well! woohoo! soon, we'll have like a gangster group liddat on the blogosphere d..must contact tony first...hehehe...

bigboysoven, thanks for the compliment! i had a fun time doing the photo session...and drinking the milk as well..hehehe...

Cynthia said...

lovely shots. very elegant! :)

ai wei said...

edamame milk?! i wonder how it taste?!

will it taste like soya milk?

HairyBerry said...

ai wei, to me, it tasted like green tea and soy milk..hehe...maybe it's the green in the bean that made the difference lar...i still need to fine-tune this drink. ;D

Unknown said...

i like this sentence, "shoiro was never a friend, so i ate her.." lol