Friday, November 13, 2009


Friends always ask of how I'm able to recall where and what I ate. There's no answer to it, really. If the food is good, it will just stick with you for a very long time.

Ham Bone Ambila

Nasi Lemak Goreng With Lap Cheong, Bacon And Omelette

Burger With Pork Patty, Chili Con Carne And Petai

Chocolate Banana Crepe

Take this for example. Lyrical Lemongrass suggested stink bean pork burger at the then relatively new restaurant called Cristang way back in July. With chopped petai in a burger, who really needs feta or cheddar? It was to me, a burger of multiple layers of savouriness and textures that could have been eaten with plain rice alone. The ambila coalesced the robustness of flavours of a curry, smokiness of grills and embellished with flaky soft cuts of ham. Delicious. As far as I'm concerned, nasi lemak goreng is nothing new but to have sweet waxed Chinese sausages and bacon thrown in, I think it's great. Can't wait to try this at home!

The diverse cultures infused into the Cristang way of life are well expressed in their choice of ingredients, I feel. Certainly a good Eurasian cuisine experience.

See, I do remember the good stuff without really trying.

But of course, there will be things that cling for the wrong reasons. Like their overpriced beers. Let me know if the prices are okay because we felt that they weren't the case on our visit.

B-G-19, 8 Avenue
Jalan Sungei Jernih (8/1)
46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: (+603) 7956 7877

Check out Masak-Masak's post for links to more food from Cristang.


Rebecca Saw said...

darn, I must be the only one who didnt find their burgers tht great! ;p
I must go again!

qwazymonkey said...

fabulous! fabulous! Yet to tried their chow fahn. Think it's time to go back.

Have a good weekend bro.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

got overpriced beers ar? i remember the carlsberg was ok (mayb special hours)..

i like the arrangement on the fotos!

J said...

The chow fann is so super sinful though: It's santan-y and fried...
(But I guess once in a while is ok? I'm guilty too. Haha.....)

backStreetGluttons said...

The modern World will be a badder ( better lah ) place if you promote your this tasty blog to those Muslim kids in Middle East and share with them the pure joy of world cuisine and nikon. Malaysian Muslim kids will be a bit tougher since they dun read English or Chinese...and they have been
re-re-re-educated since birth. Still no harm trying , we can of course help to show them how to eat like gluttons also

ai wei said...

i have yet to pay a visit here. must drag christine and chris along for cristang soon!!!

ciki said...

everytime u blog something hor, i dowan blog oredi. i read ur baba low post again and looked at the fotos.. coz i just did my post. eeyer, made me throw out half my shots :P

fbb said...

drat, i must be the last living being to visit this place. cis!

Sean said...

i wish i had your memory. i usually can remember where i've been, but i always forget what i've eaten. that's really the reason i started a food blog. =)

Selba said...

Yeah, I agreed with you, when food is good, it will definitely stick for a very long time :)

Well, I do hope that you are having a great time right now! ;) Can't wait to hear the story and the pictures!!!

minchow said...

I am really really so so late to try Cristang. I have heard the prices are off putting though... and fantastic as it may sound, petai burger just doesn't warrant forking over that much money for. Doesn't mean I'm not going to do it at least once! And soon!

J2Kfm said...

cool, simple shots. like how you digged in into the nasi lemak goreng before snapping a shot.

or wait, did you forget or on purpose? :)
happy wkend.

Simon Seow said...

ROAR!! Why am I still haven't have time to make my way here.

UnkaLeong said...

I have yet to taste the food here! Must drag becks along to try their food again.

choi yen said...

so many question mark in my head after reading this post~~?????

1)nasi lemak goreng = 1 complete nasi lemak then throw into the wok & fried? But I saw carrot cubes O.O

2) petai with burger? really strange combination lor... call me conservative O.O

Babe_KL said...

i must be one of the last flogger to reach there hahaha time to move my butt over

kampungboycitygal said...

rmb to try their pan fried butter cake. it was awesome!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Can't believe that we went there so long ago! Seems like only yesterday. :-D Apparently, they've introduced more burgers since July. Shall we go again, sir?

HairyBerry said...

thenomadgourmand, i think the "interesting" factor plays a greater role here..haha.

qwazymonkey, thanks bro! i did have a good weekend. cant wait to see y'all!

joe, yeah, i think i was charged RM20 per pint or something liddat...oh, must thank lyrical lemongrass for the arrangement. :)

j, me guilty to the max on the santan-y part. but it's oooh so good, right? :)

backstreetgluttons, haha, why do i keep thinking about beyonce?? haha. well, i guess it all boils down to the person la. some of my Muslim friends read better Chinese than me. hehehe...*shy*

ai wei, yupe yupe! do give it a try! remember to order the petai burger. :)

ciki, aiyoh, pleassssseeeee lah. yr shots are cool! and u are so much more efficient than me la. i take like a few months to put up a post..haha

fbb, hahahaha, u da funny lah. we go there la, next time. i wanna try some other stuff too!

sean, yupe, the blog's definitely a good way to remember what you ate. reminds me to get a bigger box to store my receipts..haha

HairyBerry said...

selba, i did have a great time! i guess u woulda known by now..hahaha! i cant wait to blog abt it too! i'll try to speed up. :)

minchow, yupe, the prices seem to be on the higher side but i guess the sizes are quite substantial. i hope they did justify the beers' prices by now though.

j2kfm, hehehe, actually, it was lyrical lemongrass who digged the nasi lemak..haha. i think i was busy talking at that point..hahaha! hope you had a great weekend. :)

simon, u should and u will! hehehe. my recommendation would be the petai babi burger. :)

unkaleong, yupe yupe, drag becks along. it'll be fun. bring the monkey family too! haha.

mimi, answers to your questions (hheheh):
1) yupe, nasi lemak + sambal goreng-ed together. i like! hehe.
2) yeah, at first, i thought it was quite strange but it was good. can even eat it with plain rice. :)

babe_kl, bring fbb along! hehehhe. lotsa parking here cos the place is kinda new.

kampungboycitygal, thanks for the recommendation! will definitely give it a try. fried butter cake sounds really appetising. arggh, me hungry now. haha.

lyrical lemongrass, yeah! i remember clearly that you had your new hair done just a day before. yesssssssss mam, let's do cristang again. this time, we ask for the price of the beer. :)