Thursday, November 24, 2011


A worthy, value-for-money Japanese set lunch. The last time I was impressed by such a deal was back in 2008, when Lyrical Lemongrass, FatBoyBakes and I met for an eight-course kaiseki lunch at Fukuya, Bangsar One. I did find out later that Fukuharu also belongs to the owner(s) of Fukuya. That explains the similar minimalist interior, warm hospitality and affordable, homey Japanese food.

If not for FBB's dive wife (she's an admirable runner too), who'd highly recommended the set lunch, I wouldn't have travelled the distance to come to the TERRACE, given how horrendous the traffic can be like along Jalan Ampang. But more importantly, I wanted to catch up with her and share my recent running experiences.

After a run earlier in the morning, I was certain that one set lunch (Japanese, especially) wouldn't be enough for me. But I was assured that the portions here are huge. The dishes rolled out one after another, starting with the salad, chawan mushi, choice of main dish (I chose the saba shioyaki, or grilled mackerel sprinkled with salt) and a bowl of hot soba (one can choose rice instead). The selection was J-typical but the ingredients remained fresh. Especially at only RM38+, there was nothing left to complain about, really. But of course, the stomach was only half filled, at best. But that's not their fault.

Somewhere between deploring the erratic slopes along the Putrajaya Night Marathon route and planning for the insane Western State 100 Mile Endurance Run (it will not materialise, believe me), we were served the mini kaiseki appetizer platter, which I'd absolutely forgotten. It was surprisingly a plateful. And of relatively good quality too. Among others, the salmon sashimi slices (and cubes - with a wafu-style dressing and served in a shot glass) were considerably fresh, the riceball-coated deep-fried prawn came à la minute crispy and there was even a cut of well-seasoned roast duck. Now that's what I call worthy.

Our fervent discussion on running went on for some time (covering Asics/Saucony shoes versus the world, introversion of runners, strategic locations to hide hydration bottles while running, etc), paused only for dessert (part of the set). It was a simple, flavourful scoop of vanilla ice cream, interestingly drizzled with black sesame sauce.

Fukuharu brought back good memories of Fukuya at Bangsar One. Both restaurants offer unbeatable set lunches in a relaxed setting. Personally, I think that this is a better option for a weekend gathering of few friends than to splurge on a chic restaurant where just the appetizer of colourful foams and a deconstructed iced lemon tea cost more this set lunch.

TERRACE at Hock Choon
241-B, Lorong Nibong off Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Kenny Mah said...

Devil and I give Fukuharu our two thumbs up too! Pleasant for slow Sunday lunches. :)

choi yen said...

RM 38.00 sound really worthy although I think that can't fill me up really well too, haha, I'm a big eater monster!

UnkaLeong said...

Order two sets only bro, you can afford it after the run in the morning :)

Tony V. said...
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Anonymous said...

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would like to invite you for food review. Drop me an email pls.
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Michelle Chin said...

i was here yesterday and felt that the set lunch is such a steal!!

HairyBerry said...

kenny, maybe we should gather a few friends and head there one of these weekends hor? argggh, that reminds me - when are we doing blr?

choi yen, haha, i thought it was not enough for me also. but the portions were surprisingly larger than i thought. give it a try. i think you'll like it. :D

unkaleong, you are right bro. i think can wallop another set also. but i guess the good company had diverted my attention...which was a good thing, of course. hehehe.

tony v, yes. do give it a try when you are in town.

jasmine, hi. thanks for the invite. however, i'm not based in kl and therefore, will not be able to participate in your programme. all the best!

michelle, glad you'd enjoyed the lunch! it's a steal, isn't it? i wonder if the ala carte is any good. i should check it out some time. ;D

Kenny Mah said...

Any weekend after this coming weekend oughta work. And BLR!! Which one? :D

Rebecca Saw said...

Still as good as I remembered! I like the serenity on this stretch of road..

HairyBerry said...

kenny, last week of dec ok? :D any blr will do! i also have a few new ones in mind. i fb you when i get back from my trip ya...

rebecca, and not forgetting the value-for-money set lunches too. really a good place to eat and chill on a weekend. ;D