Thursday, December 13, 2007

Taman Batu Restaurant

Time spent with family is getting shorter with each passing day, leaving a deep sense of lament for the unappreciative attitude towards family meals in the younger days. Therefore, I make it a point to have at least one meal with my family whenever I return to KL.

This is a place that we've been dining in quite frequently for a few months now. Tucked in the rather accessible Taman Batu, it is somehow overshadowed by its more popular corner lot neighbour, Tak Wah Restaurant. Unelaborated and unpretentious, it's just a typical MSG-laden (optimally) Chinese restaurant that somehow satisfied our palate.

We started off with the Hokkien-style fried noodles (RM9). Rather weird, I'd say but it has been a staple for our family. The thick yellow noodle and kuay teow (flat rice noodle) combination provided a nice texture and was coated with a rich layer of sweet dark soya sauce. Ingredients aplenty, including mustard cabbage leaves, shrimps, pork and squids. This dish wouldn't be complete without a belacan sambal (dried shrimp and chili paste) dipping which exhibited a rather interesting spicy taste to the noodles. And let's not forget the aromatic crispy fried lard bits. What I enjoyed most was the "dryness" of the sauce, thanks to the well-controlled heat.

The Steamed Kurau or threadfin (RM24) was tender and fresh, despite the rather small portion. The juice tasted sweet with a hint of savouriness from the preserved vegetable. The tofu added texture to the dish while cilantro provided a refreshing scent and taste. A dish that went well with white rice. A Meatless Stir-Fried Vegetables dish (RM13) was up next. We specifically requested for less oil since most of the other dishes were fried in one way or another. A typical combination of Chinese kale, cabbage, mustard cabbage leaves, button mushrooms, carrot and ginger, where each exhibited a distinctive texture and taste. Simple and tasty.

The Mini-Wok Tofu (RM9) was disappointing as it was practically squared and fried local tofu drenched in a starchy gravy. Despite the many ingredients included in the gravy, such as shrimp, shitake mushroom and minced pork, the taste was bland. Cornstarch was overused, too.

The Japanese-Style Pork Ribs (RM13) tasted rather interesting as the sauce was both savoury and sweet. I failed to see how Japanese it was as there was not hint of teriyaki sauce. Perhaps Japanese soya sauce and mirin was used, hence the name. Anyhow, it did taste good. The fried ribs were tender with a slight crispness and came piping hot.

The meal cost RM72 for 5 pax.

An aunt of mine provided dessert for the night. Cakes from Eastin Hotel. The Cream Puff looked more like a dessert version of the "Big Mac" as it was really huge. Instead of ground beef, there were layers of apricot slices, which went well with the fresh cream. However, the puff was chewy, perhaps due to exposure to air. The Tiramisu was somehow typical with layers of coffee-infused sponge fingers coated with fresh cream and dusted with cocoa powder. Personally, I prefer the moist alcoholic version (like Alexis'). At this point, we were so full that we had to doggy bag the Japanese Cheesecake.

Another well-spent evening.

Taman Batu Restaurant
25 & 27, Jalan A,
Taman Batu, Off Jalan Kuching,
52000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-6258 9768 / +6012-288 8768


ai wei said...

gosh, i miss hokkien mee now.
and ur dessert look good. i must stop myself looking at them. too fattening e!~

Celine said...

The Japanese-Style Pork Ribs really caught my attention! It's so attractive, seems like asking people to take a big bite, hahaha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

good old tai chow place..sounds good to have a simple humble dinner to catch up eh?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

That's a lot of cake for one night. :-P

ling239 said...

hmm... the cream puff looks good, any idea how much is tat ? ^_^

Big Boys Oven said...

looks marvellous and delicious! let's meet up in Sg soon!

yammylicious said...

the hokkian mee.. the mini wok beancurd.. the steam fish.. the ribs and the cakes look real nice!! and i really craving with it!!! so hubngry!!! arggg

wenching & esiong said...

The mini wok tofu looks nice actually, too bad it didn't taste well as you said. Haven't had hokkien mee for a long time!!

Nic (KHKL) said...

ai wei - yeah, hokkien mee is so tempting right...even i was salivating looking at them...hehe

celine - Haha! yeah, it looks crunchy right? it tastes nice too :)

joe - yupe, just a simple place to dine. sometimes, tai chows are better left this way, i think. no fancy deco or over-the-top dishes.. :)

lyrical lemongrass - definitely. perhaps with some english tea, i'll be able to wallop that japanese cheesecake too...hehe

ling239 - yupe, it does look good...too bad the pastry became chewy...i cant remember the exact price since my aunt bought it...but it should be around RM6-8.

Big Boys Oven - sure sure. just let me know when u r coming. anyway, we can also meet in kl lar since i'll be back most of the weekends...hehe

yammylicious - hokkien mee rules! haha! i think the pork ribs is nice! do check out this place if u happen to be in this area, ya!

wenching & esiong - yah, the tofu is quite bland. i am a big fan of hokkien me but these days, really cannot find a good let me know if u know one, ok? ;)

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

You describes the Hokkien-style fried noodles very well!

hehehe make me thinking of my mummy hokkien mee already! :)~

team bsg said...

that must have been a really good homecoming makan of sorts , with many good olde familiar dishes tho no Japanese sukiyaki nor mimimosi traces except as you say maybe da name haha !

~Christine~Leng said...

the Japanese style spare ribs sounds interesting... what the difference from the typical chinese styled ones ya?
and.. the desserts look good!!

Nic (KHKL) said...

alvin - yeah, yeah! hokkien mee is really an all-time fave of mine too :>

team bsg - true! nothing beats good old tai chow..hehe..yupe, the Japanese Rib didn't live up to its name :<

christine - ya lor! there's no difference in terms of cooking...perhaps they are using japanese soy sauce...but was still nice to eat :>

Jason said...

Ergh.. hungry hungry...