Thursday, October 18, 2007

933 Roasted Duck @ Geylang

After yielding my stomach at Kushin-Bo on Saturday night, I had to digest at a faster speed as I was having another culinary adventure with Bong, another food enthusiast tonight (Sunday night). With that, I gulped two packs of yoghurt drinks, hoping that it would help. Well, it didn’t. I should have gotten Vitagen instead.

This time, Bong and I planned to explore some other famous eateries at Geylang besides Beef Hor Fun King and Frog Leg Porridge (at Lorong 9).

Our first stop was the infamous 933 Roasted Duck (a shoplot between Lorong 19 to 21). At first, it was quite confusing in locating this eatery as there were at least 2 other coffee shops bearing the same name. Well, since it was still early, we surveyed each of the coffee shops and finally agreed that the shop filled with countless photographs of celebrities and other famous figures that patronized the restaurant was the real deal.

We had a plate of mixed roasted meat with rice. The rice came in a huge portion and the texture was quite firm, which should go well with the meat.

The meat arrived, looking rather scattered and made it harder for me to get a good shot. The barbecued pork ribs were slightly dry and charred but were saved by the sweet marinate. On the other hand, the roasted pork belly was quite tender and lean while the skin was still crispy. A dip of the belacan (dried shrimp paste) flavoured chili sauce enhanced the flavour and aroma of the meat. The pickled cabbage and carrot added a subtly tangy flavour to the meat.

The roasted chicken was rather salty while the skin, though not crispy, was actually quite flavourful. The complimentary barbecue sauce provided a sweet contrast to the savoury chicken. The main attraction on the plate was definitely the roasted duck. One bite of the tender meat revealed an explosion of flavour and aroma. Traditional roasting at its best. The savouriness of the duck was well-controlled while herbs and spices were not overused. Nice.

As we will be heading to another shop for round two, we skipped the other side dishes. The bill came up to S$11 including a can of herbal tea and a glass of homemade barley drink.

If one is looking for crispy skin roasted duck, this is definitely not the place to be. Come for the flavourful tender roasted duck meat.

I can’t recall the exact location but it’s between Lorong 19-21. You wont miss the green-coloured neonlight signboard.

By the way, this shop also offers pig organ soup at night. Judging from the hordes of customers crowding the store, perhaps I should give it a try in the near future.

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