Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tell-A-Tale (Part 2): In Bed With...Buns


5 different mini-buns from Four Leaves Bakery, IMM Jurong, Singapore.
S$0.60 for 1 pc, S$1.60 for 3 pcs, S$2.60 for pcs

Late Night Tales: Air


In my room.
The night was dark and cold.
I was alone.
And hungry.

I had to do it. I was desperate.
I'm sorry, but I had to.

I couldn't wait til breakfast.
I couldn't rush the sun.

Ripped the green bag.
I laid all of you beside me.
I admired your idiosyncrasies.
I hoped you taste well.

My dear Bacon Bun.
It was love at first sight.
Your savoury taste excited me.
The mayonnaise and herbs...
But how disappointing, you were not soft.

Little Tako,
You were well flavoured.
And tender.
I wished you came bigger.
So I could enjoy you more.

Little Bak Kua,
Or do you prefer Little Dried Meat?
In abundance, you tiny bits decorated the roll,
And the taste too.
Between you and me,
You tasted the best.

Behind you, the embarrassed Black Pepper and Egg Bun.
And it should be.
It was bland.
Nothing compared you.

The sweet one.
Yes, you Custard and Cheese Danish.
You tried to be special.
You had a little raisin in you.
Nice touch.
Cute and sweet.
Minnie Riperton's Lovin' You in the background,
How appropriate.

I enjoyed the night...
Thank you for the music, Air.
The pleasure's all mine.


R said...

such lovely prose. :) i enjoy writing poems very much as well, but i have never written one about food. bravo!

HairyBerry said...

thanks a lot for the comment...i was quite inspired the night i wrote the tale...btw, do you post your poems?

Unknown said...

woo.. u describe them so nice. hahahah! i like bacon bun, but the mini version not nice ar?

tako one seems nice too. have to go and try out the other types soon : )