Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Formosa Delights @ Suntec City Mall

Since I've decided to not return to KL for the long weekend (traffic congestion on the North-South Highway can be quite unpredictable), the only right thing to do was of course, to eat my heart out in Singapore!

Before meeting up with Jacq and Jeremy for a dinner buffet at Kushin-Bo, I browsed through some of my favourite shops at Suntec City and CityLink Mall. With all the "workout", it was obvious that I had to feel hungry and therefore, led myself to the foodcourt at Suntec City for a quick meal. Not too much, as I needed to save some space for the night's buffet.

In typical fashion, I surveyed the huge foodcourt and ended up choosing the stall with the longest queue (relatively speaking, at 4 pm). Formosa Delights boasted a wide range of la mian (hand-pulled noodles) and all looked rather appetizing from the display. The cashier was quick to recommend the Braised Minced Pork La Mian, their specialty, it seemed.

The dish was prepared in a swift, and looked rather interesting. The first impression was the aromatic flavour of the braised minced pork. The la mian was al dente and went well with braising sauce. The marinated minced pork was soft and well infused with soya sauce and I presumed, fermented beancurd (with red yeast rice). Other ingredients from the braise included winter melon and kelp. These two ingredients added both texture and an interestingly bland flavour to the dish. As per any braised dish, a hard-boiled egg was added. The staple la mian garnishing of anchovies, fried shallots and cilantro added aroma to the dish. The chili vinaigrette dipping provided a sharp contrast to the rather rich ensemble.

Delicious and affordable. (The price is between S$4 to S$5. I can't recall the exact amount, sorry).

Formosa Delights
Stall No. 16,
Fountain Food Terrace,
Suntec City Mall.

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