Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Marche Movenpick Restaurant

It feels so good to be back! Really.

I was having a so-called "makan" marathon 2 weekends ago and am only able to report it now, after a hectic week back in KL. Let's start with my brunch at the Marche Movenpick Restaurant at The Curve.

I've tried Marche at Suntec City and Vivocity (Singapore) but both did not leave a significantly palatable impression on me. But I do like the concept of paying by the passport, especially when you are hanging out in a huge group. It kind of reminds me of the bill found in most dim sum restaurants, too.

The mushroom soup (RM5), though not photographed, tasted rather rich and authentic. It went well with the soft wholemeal loaf (RM1.80 per piece).

For the mains, we started off with the lamb shank (RM22.50). The slightly hard lamb was well diffused with the flavours from the stew and there were plenty of vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms to provide flavour and texture to the dish. The well-controlled savouriness of the stew went well with the mashed potatoes. However, it was really not as distinctive as the Morrocan Lamb Shank at Marmalade Cafe. Perhaps addition of herbs will add more flavour and aroma to the dish.

Next up was the glazed turkey ham (RM16.50) with a choice of either black pepper or sweet onion sauce. I chose the latter. Despite the generous portion of ham, it was rather bland and lacked the usual aromatic flavour of ham. The sunny-side up egg did not help to enhance the flavour either. The up side being the freshness of the ham and the almost non-existence "chemical" taste found in most ham.

For RM22, the grilled salmon was rather large in size. The well-cooked fish tasted quite fresh. An early indication of the freshness was the bright colour of the salmon. A squeeze of lemon juice and the varied dipping sauces (wasabi mayonnaise, mustard, dijonnaise) provided a contrasting taste to salmon. As the portion was huge, it took 2 of us to finish the fish.

The pairing of chicken pepperoni (RM15.50) and plain rosti (RM6.50) or fried grated potatoes did not ignite any spark but were still flavourful on their own. The mildly spiced pepperoni was fresh and firm but for the price, I was expecting at least a side of greens.

The stir-fried vegetables (RM9.50) to me was overpriced despite the freshness and diversity of choice of vegetables (including colourful peppers, pea shoots, cabbage and mushrooms). Also, the use of oyster sauce did not perk up the flavour of the dish.

The meal came up to RM130.07 for 4 persons. Drinks dont come cheap at Marche. A bottle of Aquarius Mineral Water cost RM3.50!

As compared to the Marche(s) in Singapore, there are not much differences in terms of variation of food. I didn't find out if the branch at the Curve serves beer. The only obvious difference was the usage of paper passports instead of the magnetic strip ones.

Anyway, I must compliment Marche on the freshness of all the dishes. Perhaps I was there early (12 pm to be exact). Taste wise, most of the dishes were rather bland.

Nevertheless, a convenient place for a meal anytime of the day, plus good service too.

Marche Movenpick Restaurant,
The Curve, Lot G87, Ground Floor,
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603-77289200

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Big Boys Oven said...

Wah so lovely....a delicouly place to be!

Sugar Bean said...

Glad to have you back in blogging! I l like your writing style. Passed by this place a trillion times but haven't tried it yet. Might want to try the grilled salmon and chicken pepperoni.

HairyBerry said...

big boys oven - yupe, it's quite a cheerful place to be...since marche means market in french :)

wenching & esiong - thanks a lot for the compliment...hope i'm not "shiok sendiri"...hehe...if you are there, do try the cheese rosti too :)