Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jia Xiang Ho Po Hakka Lei Cha Fan @ Geylang

After 933 Roasted Duck and a couple of snapshots of the vivid nightlife at Geylang later, we headed to Jia Xiang for their raved Ho Po Hakka Lei Cha Fan (literally translated as Thunder Tea Rice of the Ho Po Hakka Clan). This healthy dish of acquired taste is basically rice mixed with various types of vegetables and served with a bowl of tea consisting of herbs and tea leaves.

We ordered the standard brown rice set which cost S$3. Quite economical, I must say.

The brown rice was topped with a variety of vegetables such as four angled beans, cabbage, long beans and green mustard cabbage. All the greens provided a natural sweetness and crispiness to the rice. Other toppings such as tau kwa (dried beancurd), anchovies and peanuts added texture and aroma to the otherwise bland ensemble. A standout by itself, even before pouring in the tea mixture.

The tea, which consisted of tea leaves and herbs such as peppermint, parsley and presumably sesame seeds tasted aromatically bland (as intended). I found the tea quite refreshing and soothing.

Once combined, both the tea and rice complimented each other very well. The blandness of the tea was compensated by the flavourful rice toppings while the coarseness of the rice was softened by the tea.

Since we arrived quite late in the evening, the Yong Tao Fu or stuffed beancurds were sold out. We were quite disappointed as it could have completed our Lei Cha meal.

So, the next time I need to detox or just feeling guilty after a “harmful” meal, I will definitely consider coming back to this stall.

* Back then, I guess my stomach must have cursed me for the highly fibrous meal as I still haven't completely digested the food from Kushin-Bo and 933.

Jia Xiang Ho Po Hakka Lei Cha Fan
134 Sims Avenue
933 Roast Duck Coffee Shop (see! another 933!)
Singapore 387456

Here’s a description of Jia Xiang:


Big Boys Oven said...

We had your link in our food link too, looking forward to read more of your findings. take care!

Sugar Bean said...

Your post reminded me that I haven't eat Lei Cha for a long time. I am Hakka and I like this very much. Simple and healthy!

HairyBerry said...

big boys oven- thanks for the link! it's an honour! looking forward to your wonderful creations!

wenching & esiong- Hakka dishes are nice, right? Salty and aromatic, but a little fat. Any good recommendation for Lei Cha in KL?

Big Boys Oven said...

oh do check into our new blogs also lar! hehehehe! - a list of cake menu - most chinese cuisine - food travel

HairyBerry said...

big boys oven- sure, will do that!